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Discussion in 'Movies' started by chronix, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Was watching the movie Crank tonight, and there's a scene where the main guy's in a taxi cab and the cab driver gives him a drug. The movie sort of plays it out to be a psycadelic, but never explains exactly what it is. Any ideas?
  2. yea i watched it again today too sinse it was on tv. a friend and i smoked two blunts during it.

    yea i was wondering that too. it looked good.
  3. That movie is so ridiculous yet so awesome.

    No idea what the drug is.
  4. Could easily be made up, if you think about it it's the only drug they don't have a name for in the movie.
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    I watched the movie tonight too, and before he gets out of the cab he asks the cab driver what did you say this stuff was?

    here is the quote from the script

    You drink this Haitian shit, crackhead.
    This right here is some hardcore shit.
    Made from plant shit.

    so haitain drugs from plants
  6. He says "I told you it was hardcore" they never said the name.
  7. ya I know, I forgot to delete that part when I edited my post with the script, cause of his accident at first I thought he said something like Ardcore but its simply because he doesn't pronounce the H so hardcore sounds like ardcore.
  8. could be datura right?
  9. yea. its probly just some bs drug man.. a lot of good drugs come from the earth..
  10. Oh that movie is so awesome. It gets really far fetched at the end when he is calling his girlfriend for about 2 mins and falling. *I tried to word that so I won't ruin it for people who haven't seen the movie* That drug in the movie didn't seem real either. Just something to keep him going longer I suppose.
  11. It's a movie dude...a lot of shit is made up.
  12. Nah, Datura causes delusions. You cannot tell reality from what you're hallucinating. The hallucinations are that of people, spiders on your wall, things like that.
  13. no idea, but that was a damn good movie.
    heard they were coming out with another one. sounded ridiculous though.
  14. Yep they are. "Crank 2: High Voltage"

  15. nice. i hope its as good
  16. that was it.
    I'm sorry, that movie was a stand alone. I can't picture a sequel being anything better than mediocre.
  17. Especially with a name like "high voltage"
  18. DUDE!! Like what was that drug called that scarecrow sprayed at people and it made them go totally insane in BATMAN DUDE!! I WANT SOME OF THAT SHIT!! FUCK YEA BATMAN DRUGS!

    its a fuckin movie.
  19. It's a movie, the screenwriter probably didn't even have a concrete drug in his mind when he wrote it, just supposed to be a strong stimulant
    If you forced me to give you the name of a drug, I would say your best bet for what it was is probably Khat.
  20. Far as over-stylized action shoot 'em up's go:

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