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  1. I've grown a lot in the past, I'm an old school grower and breeder. But seriously I'm just sick of setting up a great system, which I love and am very comfortable with, just to have to move and set up again for fear of being busted.

    So I said fuck it. I'm going legit. I'm moving to Cali, getting my medi card, and getting a real job. Not to mention starting a system which I love and will be a continuous harvest, just for personal use.

    So here are the specs

    Walk-in Closet (plenty of room)
    430W hps (old school sonagro ballast from the 80s..)
    Cloning from 3 mothers 1 per week to keep total to 12 at all times (2 patients worth)
    Strains : White widow (dispensary), Grandaddy Purple (dispensary), Cranberry (local cross)
    All Organic Nutrients


    So here I am. In California, with legit job, and a medi card. Problems are over. Let's start the continuous grow.

    The cranberry mother is from seed and has been growing for approx 5 weeks. The WW and GDP mothers are clones (I know, I know, so risky but we'll see..) which I got from the dispensary. I got them about two weeks ago and they are well on their way. All three mothers are in 1 gallon pots and are MAJORLY LST'ed.

    I took 4 clones from the Cranberry mother into peat pellets two days ago. They seem to be surviving in the clone dome I bought. Another 10 days and they'll be ready for some flowering. I am starting with four because this is a new cloning technique for me, I hope at least one survives but right now they all look fine...

    I'm building the mother cabinet tonight (by building I mean putting contact paper on the inside and screwing the lights to the top, and few other things I guess). So I'll have some pics of the mothers and the cabinet and closet setups tonight.

    Until later.

    I will take any criticism about any post I put up in this thread. If you see something I could be doing better, say something about it! You'll probably get a +rep! SS
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    I finally found my camera. At this point, the clones are 3 days old and 3 out 4 look like they're definitely going to make it. Yay! I'm just not looking forward to these unseasonably hot days in California over the next week or so. It makes keeping the flowering setup cool such a bitch (test ran it a couple days ago, pics soon).

    The pics are of the mothers, Grandaddy Purple on the left, White Widow in the middle, and the Cranberry on the right side of the first pic. They're nice and greened up. The clones are from the cranberry. They will be the first to flower starting next week sometime (as soon as I have roots and can transplant). The third pic is the entire mother cab, and the fourth is the cabinet closed.

    Any tips on anything would be much appr!

    Mother cabinet is pretty sick though, right? Just need to add a few computer fans. Anyone got a link on a good 12V power supply to feed 2 case fans? I think it needs to be at least 1 amp... not sure though not an electrician.

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  3. those cardboard doors look pretty ghetto fabulous...but everything else looks sweet! Are you going to be growing the plants in that cabinet? They look nice, glad more than one clone survived!
  4. No this cab is just for the mothers, so its cool if it has light leaks and whatever because its on 24/7. I sleep heavily and easily, probably due to what my mom says is 'pot addiction' but I call 'deserved medication.' But whatever, you know moms...

    The flowering plants are going in a walk in closet. I'll shoot pics of it tomorrow.
  5. I know this is the boring part but I guess an update is in order (aka I'm fucking really stoned and not tired... weird).

    I got a couple pics of the flowering closet. It will eventually have 12 plants in 1-gallon pots, and once we can afford another 400 we'll put them in 3 gallon pots. Took a couple clones off the GDP mother and they look great. The Cranberry clones I took last week are looking alright for a first try but may need a little time to recover before flowering (I took them too tall and had to bend them over in the clone dome).

    I'm hoping to get the first ones into flowering this next week.

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  6. So how's it goin' SS? Hope all is well man. Looking forward to seeing some good things. PEACE!
  7. Thanks man. Got a good ball o' hash and I'm making butter tonight... ummm... I'm thinking brownies and oreo bars..
  8. I think its awesome that you got your shit handled in cali. I sorta want to do that too, but...I dunno yet:smoking: Nice set up too, and the best part will be that you never have to be paranoid!
  9. You hit it right on the head SH, I never thought I would be able to bring my guard down, but with the card it takes all the paranoia out of growing. I recommend it!

  10. Thanks for stopping by OH! Just a few short months and we'll have some bud porn.
  11. Update.. not like anyone cares but this is for me, not you!!! Ha just kidding guys I love every one of you, except that OCTOGONAL HOME BITCH!!!!! jk OH I love you most of all.

    Clones are finally showing some roots. I took GDP clones a week after the cranberry and they both ended up showing on the same day. Do indicas take longer to grow roots? No pics because everyone knows what roots coming out of a peet pellet look like..

    I put a GDP in a small butter container with some root stimulator in the water I added. I'll be transplanting this one into a 1-gallon container and it will be put into flowering in less than a week so hopefully I'll be cutting the first one by Christmas.

    Every week I'll be putting a new plant into flowering (until I have to adjust because I know they won't all get done at exactly 12 weeks, expecially not the heavy indica Cranberry.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! Any suggestions are always helpful!!
  12. Hey how's it going SS? Curious to see that Cranberry, should be knockout for sure. Hope all is well bro and keep posting plz!

    I'm hesitant to post our garden on here but I might pm you with the progress we're making.

  13. fuckn ghetto! I hope you pull some crazy yeilds though.
  14. It'll definitely seem less ghetto in about two months... I just gotta replace those cardboard doors here sometime.

    I'm interested to see your stuff oh. I put 1 GDP into 12/12 a few days ago and 2 cranberries in last night. Even the 5" clones of the Cran reeked like skunk. That shit is going to be killer. I'll put up some pictures tonight when I get home from work.

    Def PM me some stuff soon.
  15. Was just checking your journal out. I do love me some GDP, I cant wait to see the porn and learn some things from an old school grower.

  16. Thanks for the love. Here's a pic of the first three in flowering. The tall one is a GDP clone that is on day 5 of 12/12 and the small two are cranberry and they are on day 2. Just a few weeks and we'll start to see good bud formation!

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  17. Cool grow, can't wait to see these bud out! :hello:

  18. For sure man thanks for stopping through! I have the closet getting down to about 55 during the light cycle (which happens to be at night) and I'm sure we'll be seeing some really good purples starting to show. The Cranberry mother, when I turned on 12/12 to show sex, starting turning this bright pink on the new leaves... I'm so excited about it. And I'll try to get a macro tonight, but the small cranberry clones already have some trichs on the leaves.
  19. Sorry for the lack of updates... Been trimming so much my fingers are bleeding. I think I've done 20 lbs this week so far..

    Pictures tonight.
  20. Hey all got 6 in the closet now, 2 GDP and 4 Cranberry. If you look at the pic, the tall one in the back is the GDP at day 18 of 12/12, the two diagonal down are Cranberry at day 15, the two really small ones are Cranberry at just day 2, and the last one is a test grow of the GDP using topping.

    The GDP that is topped is sweet. So sweet I had to get a blurry pic (still haven't found my good camera since the move). I want to see if it will yield more as one cola or two.

    The big GDP has the first little tennis ball of buds at the top and the hair seem to be turning purple. It gets down to about 60 at night and its really starting to work. The bigger Cranberry are showing some pink on the newest set of leaves. When I first sexed the mother, it turned all kinds of pink and purple, but went back to fully green when I reverted it... I'm so ready to see some color in my garden.

    Alas.. I am in the stage in which time will pass so slowly. Until next time SS.

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