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Cranberry Juice.. ocean spray! HELLLP!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tWeAk, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Hey all.. i got a job yey... but of course thers that little thing called a piss test.. ney!

    un question por favor.. I was at a party, ppl lit it up next to me, i didn't puff, didn't get stoned, i haven't smoked since before the summer, but i was in a car when it was getting hotboxed for the first 1:30 both these occasions were around the 30th of september. I have a piss test tommorw, i have a phat amount of regular ocean spry cranberry juice to drink just in case.. should i start tonite, or drink before i go? how much do i need to drink and how long do you all think it will last.

    I just wanna be safe.. its a great job with great pay.. and i don't wanna fuck it up with a small amout of weed in the test. Plz help guys.. I think that u have to inhale it in ur system and really feel it to be actually found.. but like i said i need this job.. thanks for help

  2. it has been a month and you didn't even smoke, i am sure you will do fine
  3. you should seriously shouldn't be worried if you havn't smoked for a month as bud stuffer said. If you want to be extra extra sure, then you should drink a lot of water the week before the test and that should flush the rest of the THC out of your buddy. Good luck gettin your job and tell us if you get it!

    peace and good luck
  4. yo, don't trip, too late for the juice, if ya needed it. Don't drink it however, cuz u'll dilute u'r piss and they can detect dillusion. Since its been a month with jus breathing it and prolly longer since u smoked it, you'll be fine. Jus make sure it ain't the first piss of the day, piss like once, twice better before u test.
  5. drug testing in big companies just doesn't make sense...

  6. cept when u try to quit, u can't stop thinkin about it. - Theorgood Jenkins
  7. thanks guys, at least some honest and good opinions about the subject.. i thought id be fine but its good pay and a sweet place, so the last thing i need is to get a negative... oh and like 3 weeks ago i was at another "next smoker"type ordeal.. sorry just being extra causious. oh but that damn criminal backround check.. i hope they don't see my bank robbery =P.

    any other preps that u guys know i should do?
  8. bump..

    Drug lady at school says that There shoudn't be a problem, if i hven't officially taken a pipe to my mouth, and second hand weed smoke would effect me if i was like in a box and actually inhaled for a long time.. i was in that car, but that was more then a month ago and that was for 2 minutes, not even, one person took a hit, and one other took a small one cuz the dumbasses cashed it, i bounced when they packed some more. i realized id get stoned if i stayed.. slow reaction i know.
  9. yea, if they do detect a low amount, jus say u were at a recent concert. Thats all
  10. Don't worry, you'll pass for sure. You can start drinking water and craneberry juice anytime though, just don't over do it. I really don't believe in hotboxing, you won't be detected.
  11. k ill take it on monday, drink cranberry juice this weekend.. how much u say is enough.. ive finished a little under a gallon i think..
  12. don't drown yerself, heh
    all u need is a lil, don't overdue it, like I said, dillusion will be detect and u will be retested
  13. k willdo.. but how much is drowning! lol. my plan is this.. drhink cranberry juice all weekend.. then piss at least 2 times before the test, drinking water n shizzle.

  14. there is no way they can arrest you for diluted piss, that proves nothing, you could have just worked out and been dehydrated and chugged a half gallon of water for all they know.
  15. yea but if its dilluted, they'll prolly retest or to a further extent, pass u up for the job

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