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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, May 30, 2009.

  1. hey all ive never shopped on craigslist before and i dont have a credit card or debit card but i found an extreamly nice pipe for 45 on craigslist just not sure if i should trust it. would you trust buying peices off of it?
  2. craigslit is a site by ppl sellingshit, uu dont need a CC u need cash and go to them and trade in person all the fake ppl on craigslist askign for CC dont do it its all a scam..end of story.
  3. ok thanks. i wasnt even sure about the whole website to begin with with that whole craiglist killer thing haha guess ill just try the local smoke shops =/
  4. just ask where the address is and go check it out! Only deal locally and in person. ive bought some furniture but never smoking accesories... always cash too!
  5. craigslist is pretty much like newspaper classifieds
  6. I've bought several pieces of guitar equipment from Craigslist and a computer for a friend. It feels pretty sketchy at first meeting a total stranger with a pocket full of cash but all of my exchanges went smoothly so far. Just keep these key things in mind: Always meet somewhere local and public, always do cash only transactions, make sure it is in working order before you hand over the money. There's a bunch of scams with people doing fake cashiers checks and fake wire transfers and YOU will be held responsible if you are scammed in such a transaction. As long as you play it smart, you'll come out fine with a new pipe and maybe even a free nug to test it out with. A guy I knew bought a bong over at Craigslist and got a new reliable connect that way.
  7. call the guy up and speak with him.
  8. anyone i ever deal with we usually meet at lows/ home depot or walmart before i was banned haha but i mean idk what the laws are in ur state but here in texas u can get a CHL (conceiled handgun lisense) at 21. i just carry mine with me all the time except when at college. u do what u gotta do to be safe bro. but that whole craigslist killer is gay man...its over rated, ull be fine, who wants a man anyway? im taking it into concideration that ur 18+
  9. Always bring someone with you when you go to buy something or sell something.
  10. Yep but much better. Mosr of the time the stuff is used, I personally wouldn't buy a used pipe unless from a friend. Craigslist is safe though I've met with people on numerous occasions. Just meet outside of a police station or where theres a lot of people and don't allow yourself to get robbed.

    The craigslist killer didn't go around killing people who had classified ads. Someone posted an ad that they wanted someone killed for a price and a person responded to it. Or a person posted saying they would kill for money and then got an offer.

    Good luck
  11. I have bought a couple things off craigslist and whenever I do I just make sure that where we are meeting up is somewhere that there is a crowd and that I am familiar with.
  12. Does ebay do pipes?

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