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  1. What's up blades.. I live around 4 hours from Colorado. I have been purchasing ounces for 350-400 (Oklahoma. Sucks) I am considering heading to Colorado for a weekend getaway. I was looking to buy a sack but when I saw the prices I am interested in picking up a qp for myself (I don't deal, Not lookin to make money) I already have a good job and don't need problems. I feel like I could grab a qp and it would honestly last me several months.. Smoke between 1/2-3/4 ounce a month. Has anyone else done the deed from Craigslist? I trust myself driving more than I trust dealing with other people in oklahoma at a premium price and risk.
  2. Remember this is for personal consumption only
  3. If I were you I would do it.
  4. I'm not so much worrie about driving.. If everything went how I wanted it to I could get a regular dude to meet me so te "deal" is legal and I'm only risking driving. Although I don't know if it would be possible to grab a qp or hp from one of those dudes
  5. Got a HALF O to my hotel from was legit, and guy was nice and weighed me heavy...
    I would recommend buying no more than an ounce at a time..asking for a qp straight off the bat might be a public place and you'll be good. You won't have problem finding an oz of dank out there IMO.
  6. Ive gotten dank ass bud on CL when I went to Washington state. The only bad part is crossing state lines, I believe that is drug trafficking, and serious time.
  7. That's where I'm sketched out at. I would have no problem grabbing an o. But to make the trip worth it I need at least two.. 4 would be ideal so I only have to ride dirty twice a year. Im all about reducing the number of times cash and cannabis is exchanged and driven with. I know I should do a scouting trip but not sure yet
    Hell  anything over an ounce and it's game over ...yea you can still get fucked by cops in states like OK with under and ounce but anything over an ounce and it becomes gang rape no lube...instead of just rape if you get the picture.
  9. I'm aware of the consequences, but I see no difference when I grab a few ounces here anyways. Highways and cruise control are fucking awesome rather than continual trips "across town" where a middle class white guy with a nice truck doesn't exactly fit in
  10. True assured you'll be able to get some great shit off of you get qp will depend on if ppl trust you I suppose.
  11. That's where I think I'm better off with a scouting trip.. I hate saying it like that (I feel like it has negative connotations) but it might have to be done. I was hoping for someone to say yeah, it won't be a problem. But if I was in the sellers shoes, I'd be a little sketched as well on a qp or more
  12. An ounce of decent top shelf. No shit sugar leaves left on, straight up fire  is going to cost you the same price anyway. And trying to get hooked up over craigslist is how people get busted. Cops use that site for stings all the time. 
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    That's why I came here to ask if CL was legit in Colorado. Only cannabis I've acquired outside of OK was on y trip to cozumel. Just a few joints from the resort bartender. We tipped him good all for a few days and he overheard us talking about it. Didn't look for it but was grateful nonetheless
  14. It's called the Silk Road.  Don't buy from CL, ever...
  15. Mailing it sketches me out more than driving. If I had a empty rent house or something then fuck yes, but only one address with my name is no bueno. Besides, I would hve to exchange for bitcoins
  16. Ehh I think it's definitely safer than buying off CL though.  
  17. Its a go.we can trade over craigslist mmj in the az. Its the cruising state lines you should worry about

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  18. Whats the legal limit?

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  19. Get your bail money ready

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