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Discussion in 'General' started by Leapfrog, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. A while back there was this ad on Craigslist advertising a fake (plastic) pot plant for "giveaway".

    The first thing that came to my mind seeing the ad was the plant looked...well...real "bad" (see pic below)

    The 2nd thing was the same picture used in the ad I found on Google on the first page...but that could have been a coincidence although it said within the ad: "Here is a picture of the plant in my living room."

    The 3rd thing was it was saying within the text of the advertisement "If you grow Pot this is the plant for you to prank one of your grow buddies!"

    I was like: :eek:

    Back then I responded to the ad by writing: "Although I don't grow Pot I still am interested in that plant."

    After that silence, no response.

    So now, months later, I came across the SAME AD again, even the same stupid picture!

    In the recent past I have been using some highly sophisticated Email tacking software I normally am utilizing for my regular job related Business Email transactions so recipients of those Emails can't deny having received/looked at/forwarded/printed or whatever else those Emails I sent them.

    I responded to the recent Craigslist ad by attaching the tracking "software" to my response Email...which you guessed right remained unanswered because I stated again I don't grow pot :cool: but still am interested in that plant.

    And yeah you guessed right by now...the Email I sent was opened/tracked back to a local PD. :rolleyes:

  2. What a stupid attempt at catching people.

    I mean, I don't understand what they are even trying to do here.

    Stupid cops, you should post the number of the PD here so we can harass them.

  3. PH #'s as per GC I rather stay in hiding...because I don't grow pot!

    Wait, what did I just write?

  4. What a bunch of sneaky bastards :p
  5. Wow. That plant is so fake, it's obvious. Only stupid people would buy it.
  6. one time i cryptically posted a craigslist ad asking for the finest green trees...

    i got a response... with pictures!!

    120 for an oz of brick mids LOOL and the guy was like "I will leave it near the dumpster at the mall, llolololol"
  7. i once searched craigslist to see if any one was selling pot on there but i didnt find anything related to weed
  8. lol thats the dumbest looking plant i've ever seen, +rep for making me laugh =D
  9. wow who in the right mind would think that would work...oh wait brought to us in part by our "finest" and "bravest" :rolleyes:
  10. ha... wut a joke
  11. well thats pretty stupid. i get that they are trying to get people who are messing with weed. but thing is, its not illegal to have a FAKE plant. what if i want it cuz i know that its illegal to have real plants but i like the look of it anyways.

    just like having a 3D picture of sorts. its not real and you cant use it for the real thing.

    i say you try and convince a friend to get it and talk to the "seller" and arrange to pick it up. then go down and get it, and if they try to arrest him, then they will have nothing if he is clean and is sobor. just a legit person trying to buy a fake plant to put in the corner of his living room.

    or put a reverse ad saying to not contact these people for the plant cuz they are PD. that should limit their contacts.

  12. What they are looking for are replies such as:

    "Oh yeah I grow pot, too and would like to play a joke on my buddy wiht that free plant you have."

  13. i see. well if anyone said they grow and then go to get the thing then they deserve to get busted for being a dumbass.
  14. Absolutely.
  15. right on brotha..
  16. this just proves the law will go to sad and desperate measure to bust people for green, yet whos doing a crackdown on all the police brutality we seem to see these days? NOONE
  17. wow. They must be getting real desprate
  18. That's so pathetic. I bet the cop that first came up with that thought he was a genius too.
  19. tell him to meet you in some far out land.
    waste some PD time

  20. Ahaa..:D

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