Craigslist pot ad leads to pot bust

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Madmike420, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. I'd love to know where you read this. This is an outdated law I heard expired long ago with "entrapment". Might want to find some sources to back this one up before you put it to the test. ;)
  2. How could they prove that I wasn't seriously just trying to sell dandelions. I mean they are considered a weed.
  3. Fantastic. I would do this too if I had any balls at all.
  4. Interesting. I looked around the North Jersey CL, more out of curiosity, and couldn't find a potential pick-up or pig. I guess millage does vary.

    (Note: Smart enough not to act on it)

  5. well i am going to go on craiglist say that i am sellin weed and then sell dandelions and i will let you know how it turns out
  6. Seems simple to avoid a bust, don't mention selling or dealing in the ad and don't even hint at it. Just look for 420 friends. Become friends with them first, and then later mention you can hook them up.
  7. Ah, the cool, shady groves of intelligence.
  8. NOT true. I know cops and they laugh at the people who think that's true. Cops for all we know could be the ones who spread those rumors because it makes for easy busts. Happens all the time when busting Johns, the undercover can legally say they're not a cop.

    The best way to avoid arrest is to not ever be a blip on their radar.
  9. ^^ second that
  10. They can do that in CA. I see pot listings all the time. Lately I just saw one guy that posted that he wanted to trade 100 norcos 7.5s for an ounce. Now that is risky, assuming those norcos aren't his and even if they were....shit is worse than pot.

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