Craigslist pot ad leads to pot bust

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Madmike420, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Craigslist pot ad leads to pot bust

  2. Wow no offense but who would sell weed on Craigslist?

    It's a good way I guess if there was no police.
    I guess you got to start selling somewhere.
  3. he deserved it lol.
  4. He isn't the brightest kid on the block I suppose... Lol.. Craigslist for weed... =/ Gl with that one.. He got real far.
  5. I wonder how much busines he actually got before he got popped
  6. wow.

    This reminds me of the time a kid from my high school stole a standardized test and escaped school before they locked it down. His dumbass tried to sell it on eBay and got busted immediately.
  7. This is how you make headlines. Way to go for the Cannabis movement man!!!
  8. haha thats how I met one of ma dealers, he sold gooood ass dank.. but I didnt want to risk it.
  9. wat a fucking dumbshit.
  10. I met the best MJ connect of my life off of CL, no lie.
  11. This is EXACTLY why you don't sell/buy drugs on Craig's List.
  12. Damn he's not the smartest dealer...
  13. He deserves to be caught
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    They're doing this to curb the mass selling on CL. Weed selling on CL is -rampant- in NYC, normally in the personals/hookups sections. Have to make a public story to scare people, because the demand is just so massive. Keep in mind there are more than three times as many smokers with no connect/poor connects than there are smokers with reliable connects. There are just too many not to take advantage of sites like CL.
  15. Thats pretty crazy,im getting scared just being on this site :hide:
  16. thank about time somebody said it,theres tons of weed being sold on craigslist in the bay area they caught one guy and put it on the news to scare people,dont fall for their tricks craigslist isnt too bad
  17. Some people deserve to get caught. :rolleyes:
  18. This story makes me want to sell "weed" on craigslist. Wait for a cop to bite then arrange a meet. When he shows up hand him a bag of dandelions and ask for the cash.
  19. Actually, if you guys didn't know already, if you arrange to meet someone anywhere to sell them Weed (Like that Jackass) all you have to do is ask if they are a cop. If they say that they aren't they are NOT legally aloud to arrest you.
  20. You might want to refrain from doing that one, you'll be the first person in US History to go to jail for dandilions. lol

    If you sell dirt as cocaine, you go to jail for sale of cocaine, just like if you sell dandilions as weed, you'll go to jail for sale of marijuana. Trust me on this one ;-)

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