Craigslist "personals"

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. in the erotic section... are these bitches hookers? How do i know it isn't a cop?
  2. they probably are hookers. scandelous hookers lol. could be some cops on there.
    how would you know?
  3. u just don't know

    go downtown

    or call an escort service

    just hookers in a disquise
  4. some are, but most are scams that attempt to fool ya into giving your credit card #, either for some bullshit key to get access to rates and such, the ones with phone #'s are legit, the ads with the girls that look like models tend to be the scams.
  5. Craigslist personals FTW.
  6. Either whores, kids messing around, or you'll probably get stabbed.

    probably 1/1000 are legit.
  7. get stabbed?
    how does stabbed come into that?
  8. If you want to find out if a hooker is a cop, offer her (or him, I'm not judging) money to go back to your room and pose for erotic photos. That's not illegal and if it's a cop, they'll probably turn you down outright.
  9. Pics or it DOESNT happen.
    a little wordplay for a common phrase on the city, can keep you out of jail.

  10. Hahaha, I've seen these before. They're funny as hell.
    The only legit ones are probably those posted by men and women who claim to be overweight or rather unsightly.
  11. ouch.
  12. even if they are a cop, unless you agree to pay beforehand or agree to pay when she tells you the cost of certain services, you cant get arrested for using a prostitute, u thought it was legitimate mutual sex, not prostitution
  13. lol, yea they are hookers.

  14. CLAIM!
    they said it, not me.
  15. My friends and I were thinking about getting a craigslist broad for a party.
  16. true.
    and who is that in your avatar?
    just wondering, because i like there smile.
    (not trying to make this one of those, weird OMG!!!1 a girl threads)

    more power to you, just dont get stabbed.
  17. one time, I went to one of these girls and right before i got to her pad i called her and a cop came outta nowehere pulled me over fast forward 6 months anbd thats why i have a warrant for my arresst. not because of hookers, other shit.
  18. uhhh....come again?

    haha. i said come. :rolleyes:
  19. Just ask them if they are a cop.

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