Craigslist is awesome

Discussion in 'General' started by ryan2392, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. You'd be surprised how many MILFs you can find on Craigslist who want a night out on the town because their hubby is away for work.

    Seriously. And it's free.
  2. hookers on craigslist

    errr erotic entertainment.
  3. No, damnit. You have to find the legitimate MILFs.

    That's where it's at.
  4. Just saturday I got a Roor that's $590 at the local shop for $250 on craigslist :D
  5. LOL.

    You's crazy! :)
  6. I can never find glass on Craigslist. I must suck at searching. :(.

    You don't know the half of it. ;)

    If only their "hubbies" knew.
  7. I just search 'roor' a few times a week to see if theres anything...most people selling anything remotely pot related will tag it with 'roor', so you find all kinds of glass, not just Roors.
  8. I found a PHX on craigslist for 250

    I just can't buy glass that expensive.... but i would like too....
  9. Same....
  10. Well you never can tell with some of the nefarious individuals on here. Guess I'm just jaded.
  11. craigslist is just fun 2 randomly never know:)
  12. Something is worth what ever someone will pay.....
  13. Indeed. How much is gas worth?
  14. i sold my ps2 for like 50 bucks on there

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