Craigslist is awesome

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  1. Man I sold my PS2 on it for 400 bucks! I can't belive they offered to pay that. Well I got the money and now I need to buy something. I wonder what.....:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. someone paid $400 for a ps2? i dont believe that.
  3. I swear to you on my life. I gave him three controllers and games and a memory card so I wasnt ripping him off or anything
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    Yeah but you sure as hell wasn't doing him a favor :p
    Anyway that's awesome, now go spend the money :smoking:

    Speaking of console games, i bought GUN for Xbox 360 at a supermarket today for 15 bucks, pretty good deal :)
  5. Well it depends on how many games... PS2s are still selling relatively well and Gamestop/EB sells the systems for like $120 used.

    Wonder how much I could get for my 60g PS3...
  6. holy shit. You are a very dishonest individual. You most certainly did rip them off. You took advantage of a person who obviously didn't know any better cuz I'm damn sure they didn't give you that much out of the kindness of their heart. They obiously thought that they were getting a PS3 or something. Probably a parent that thought they were buying one for their kid for their birthday or something.

    I guess sometimes I forget that some others lack what is sometimes referred to as a conscience and will take advantage of others in any situation.

    I can honestly say that I loathe the OP and just about anyone who congratulates him on his "deal". He is nothing more than a scam artist. Someone who takes advantage of his customers. A considerate person would not have been able to accept that much in good conscience.

    Some people are jsut so fucking low.
  7. Let me list you what I gave him mmk?
    He got a slim new ps2 that I got 7 months ago. He also got 3 controllers, a universal network adaptor, a 16mb memory card, and ten games: Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-men legends 1 & 2, Maden 08, Silent Hill 3 & 4, Spiderman 4, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, and Resident Evil 4
    IMO I think he got a good deal.
  8. You had better wake up and adjust to reality pretty quick man otherwise you're in for a big disappointment.
  9. well if that's the case, then I apologize but you most certainly didn't specify all of that. It soudns a little better now. IMO 400 is still a bit high but not completely outrageous.
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    Reality? What are you talkin about? more to the point; what's your point?

    I think I get it. If that's the case then fuck me for thinking that there might be some decent people left. Even if the OP isn't quite the evil, soul-sucking scum I originally thought he was heh. there are peopel liek that. it's a shame
  11. Is that aimed towards me or you?
  12. All else aside, someone will pay what they believe something is worth. This doesn't make the OP a shyster, its some simple economics.

    If the person didn't agree with the price, they weren't forced to buy it. Eventually, the OP would have to rethink his demand.

  13. Um, me? i think. i mean, i assumed
  14. so uh....i got the A/C for my grow off of craigslist. $35. Pretty good deal if ya ask me.

    Craigslist ftw! lol
  15. You just owned yourself. That's hilarious! :D
  16. What? I did? I wasn't aware.


  17. hardy har harr
  18. Well you know what they say when you assume things dont ya?
    You make an ass out of me and you.

    What normal people would call a lie, a politician would describe as a great distraction of the populous. :smoke:

    Craigslist is the shit though... I'm gona buy a moped from cragslist soon...
  19. craigslist is awesome.

    I got a job, a hooker, a new tv, and a little mexican kid to come cut my grass twice a week all for $37.50!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Wouldn't really call that a good deal, you can get it at ebgames for like $12 or so. $15 is close, though.

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