Craigslist in all it's glory.

Discussion in 'General' started by supermansmash, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Want to see the greatest craigslist postings of all time? Go to this link.

    craigslist: best-of-craigslist

    I have read maybe 30 or 40 of those postings and most do not have pictures. But some of the post are from the weird side of craigslist (one about a carrot I didn't understand til I actually read the tittle), but just a heads up if at work and around people who like to peak at your screen.

  2. Best.Roomate.Ever is the best one.
  3. Hipster bike.

    I welded it to fuck and back haha

  4. I wonder if he still needs somewhere to stay..
  5. The fact that the best of section even exists is pure awesome.
  6. I was excited I found it. There is even a link to the best of list on the main site. It's like youtube before it went to shit.

    Glad to have shared this gold nugget of entertainment.
  7. lmfao those are hilarious. best roomate was really good. the girl who wants to fuck super mario was funny too lol
  8. The Certified Pre-Owned 2005 Fat Cat is priceless, haha. That and the hipster bike as someone mentioned.
  9. this took so much of my time up. So funny
  10. Read the one about Dolores Park, it's hilarious
  11. great shit and fat cat was good
  12. The yoga mat one was funny shit too

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