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    I'm gonna buy a bike from this chick and it's $75. I'm gonna pay the full price. Normally I'd haggle the tits off of her, but it's a good deal so I'm goin with t. I ask her if she has the car today that her and her boyfriend share and she tells me she'll deliver it if I give her $100.
    Fuck you bitch!!! It'd cost you $5 tops for gas, and your not a fucking furniture delivery service. $20 extra bucks for delivery? If I'm paying full price, you're the accommodator. Get out.

    P.S. I recently discovered the personals section. People really don't withhold any details on there. That is a creepy, creepy place. Do they actually get responses?
    And yes, I realize most of you are the horny creeps who make the postings.
    That's why I'm asking you.

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
    A good 50 percent or more of the personals on that site are bots
  3. if ur into bbw and thick butt than craigslist is winrar
    I get laid by a lot of thick black chicks and ugly fat white girls
  4. Lol I used to sell invertebrates on craigslist, til I found much better places for business, and the sheer amount of people simply trying to get your number to sell is hilarious.

     Even funnier, is when they forget they tried to scam you before, and they try again.  Im the kind of guy that notices a pattern everywhere, especially in typing style.  And when they flag YOU, it's a total side-splitter, because you can just make a new one, and it'll be on the top, and they have no choice but to wait, because the more they try to flag you, the longer it takes to occur with each successive flagging.

      Tl;Dr:  Craigslist scammers are about as intelligent as a lobotomized housefly.
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    Theres a difference between being "into" a girl and taking the disgusting whales you could get. You're not "into" these women, you're just a hideous troll with no future and the only women who take that are ones that get passed up by pretty much every other guy.

    You only think you're into it because it's how you subconsciously protect yourself from the truth. The reality is it's all you can get. 
  6. man, I use cl sometimes....I noticed, well I suspect, my competitor flags my ads
    It's kool I understand.
    Nothing like conducting business in a non-regulated market lol
    It's just annoying because i have to repost my shit,pictures take a min, meanwhile, the rival will post a new ad like every hour, so you see 10 of his ads, and one of you think you have any ideas what I can do to him? I was thinking of getting a auto flagger program, which I think he is using, and playing his game.
    Have you ever had problems with someone flagging you all the time?
  7. Yes.  People get jealous because the animals I sell aren't stolen. :laughing:
     Ive stopped looking for women on craigslist, specifically because gay guys repeatedly hit on me.  Plus I'm tired of scrolling down the personals to end up seeing some gay dude's asshole with a misleading post title.  

     Also, whores, bots, etc.  An auto flagger is not only ineffective, but will actually slow you down.  The more you flag someone, the longer it takes for their server to publish your postings. 
  8. Dude, you're the buyer. You're responsible for either getting TO the seller and picking up the merchandise, or paying for the seller to get it to you.

    A 33 % markup for delivery was a bit harsh though, I'd counter with saying I'd pay $90 total since you're pying full price.

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  9.   Lol fuck her bike.   Just go to walmart.
  10. are you high? Lok

  11. my wallmart bike cost me 80$

    Granted the pedal while.I was crossing ththe street. No cars thank God

    Wallmart put the pedal back on for me free of charge

    Hopefully it doesn't break off again. So far so good


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