Crafty Vaporizer Vs Mighty Vs Pax2 Vs Firefly

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by erry91, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hi everybody,
    I'm Enrico and i'm new user of this amazing forum, really full of news about vaporizer and growing technique.

    2 weeks ago i make decision to stop smoking definitly so i start to find the way to change the joint with another smoking system and i found vaporizer.

    I live in Italy so i start to read something about vaporizer but i havent found so much because in italy web site are not so full of information like you website.

    I just found a great site that have a inside blog that speak a bit around volcano vaporizer but not to portable version, so i found you forum.

    I want to buy one of this 3 vaporizer: Crafty, Mighty or Firefly but i cant choose who is better to be good vapor quantity,amazin taste and best experience so i never start again to smoke.

    What your opinion around this 3 vaporizer?

    What you things is better than another?

    I heard that Crafty is really good vape and i found at a very good price at this website: Vaporizzatore Crafty Storz&Bickel

    So if for you is great i'm going to buy it.

    Sorry for my English guy but i try to make me understand better that i can :)

    Thank you so much, from Luca.
  2. I bought the Mighty and I think it's better than the Crafty because the Crafty requires you to use an app on your smart phone to control it. The Mighty has the controls and a display built on, plus it has twice the battery life. I imagine the Crafty and Mighty have the same quality of vapor though but I don't know anything about the other two, sorry.
  3. for vaporizer information you should go to fuckcombustion dot com (not supposed to link).

    Since you are in Europe and this is your first vape I suggest an Arizer Solo or Arizer Air. These vapes are more reliable and less expensive.
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  4. Mighty FTW
  5. I've had my pax 2 since this last December and I love it, simple, effective, stealthy and elegant. I haven't had the opportunity to try other high-end vapes but I do enjoy mine.

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  6. +1 for the Pax 2 it's awesome
  7. I own the Pax 1, Volcano, Mighty and Vapexhale EVO.

    If your looking for high end, the Crafty or Mighty are the way to go. As #2r3con_woo pointed out the differences between the Crafty and Mighty you can make your choice between those, but they both put out GREAT vapor. The Pax 2 is supposed to have fixed the caveats of the Pax 1 (sticking mouth piece) and it's much cheaper than the Crafty and Mighty. I think you'll be extremely happy with either of the three.
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  8. I love my Solo but if I wanted a high end portable, I'd go with the Mighty.

  9. There's no portable on the market that can even compete with the Mighty and Crafty.

    Mighty > Crafty because you get a digital temp readout on the device, and twice the battery life.
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  10. I've tried them all. Loved the Solo, but gave it away. Had a broke. I use the Mighty daily for the last 8 it.
  11. Mighty is king.

    But all of those have different purposes. I use my Pax2 for going out with friends, Firefly2 for solo on-demand use, and Mighty for daily home use.

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