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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by germinate, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. thanks for the info,after seeing the pics I would say its a female plant,its being grown in natural sunlight on my porch in a goodsize pot,I have not pruned it at all,in between the stems and the stalk its starting to grow what looks like leafs but i am assuming these will be buds? as i said its 13 inches tall at what point should i prune it?...i have never grown before and am only doing this to see if i can actually produce a budding plant.
    what does the flowering stage do? and why force it to flower rather then letting nature take its coarse on its own...?
  2. i have never grown before but ill try to answer what i can

    go to this link for the pruneing info

    here is some more

    To maintain the optimal growth rate, trim all leaves that are greater than 4 inches long (not counting the stem). A good rule of thumb is to keep the distance (Internodal Length) between the leaves/branches on the main stem around 1 inch. The more often you trim, the slower the Marijuana plant will grow and the narrower the internodal length. Trimming the growth tip after the plant is 4-5 leaf sets tall will produce a "Y" shaped plant with two "arms". Too much trimming will result in poor growth and often hermaphroditism. Keep puruning to a minimum during the entire FLOWERING PHASE.

    flowering is when it makes the buds

    forceing it to flower is to see if it is a male or female so you can get rid of the males faster

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