"Cracking" stems?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Maryed Man, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I just heard of a method that is supposed to increase yield by a lot. I was told that he cracks the bottom stems down, and ties them down. He then does this to the next set, and the next set, and they heal themselves, allowing for a bushier plant. Has anybody heard of this and/or suggest it? If so could you explain how it works to me? Thanks!
  2. It's just a form of LST. He is opening up the plant so more of it is exposed to direct light. More light to more of your plant = better yield.

    For me, I just cut the top of the plant clean off... no topping or fimming just whack the fucker. Then I see all of the lower branches burst upward within 5-7 days. Those strong new stems now make up a bunch of new tops that I tie to stakes located on each corner of the pot. This opens up the plant as well and creates even more tops as light gets exposed to the new stems. Depending on the genetic, I usually end up with between 10 and 25 solid top buds.
  3. its called super cropping bro.half the plants bent over so the bottom catches up to the top

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