Cracking my knuckles

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  1. I've been doing it for so long and it feels like that's the only way I can stretch my fingers..

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to bring my hands back to normal so I don't have to hear obnoxious cracking?...

    Any proven methods??
  2. In the exact same boat. Can't answer that, want it answered myself. Also how bad is it to habitually crack your knuckles for years? Ive heard the arthritis thing isn't really true
  3. I hope arthritis isn't true, because my grandparents have it.
  4. I dont know, but my mom always tells me to stop it.
  5. Arthritis is hereditary. But the cracking is just air being compressed. While it may not be socially acceptable in some circles, it won't physically hurt you
  6. But it annoys the fuck out of me!!!!
  7. Ive heard from multiple people at my work that they got arthitis from cracking their knuckles
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    Homie I was smoking with 3 days ago was telling me I should get out of the habit of cracking my knuckles. Apparently there was a doctor who cracked his knuckles on one hand for 50 years and had no arthritis whatsoever. He received a Nobel peace prize for it so I assume this is conclusive in some way that it is a non-dangerous habit.

    There are other causes for arthritis such as prolonged or overly long constricture of joints(bad ergonomics in the work environment perhaps?) and it is very possible that their minds are simply drawing the conclusion via the most obvious physical connection to the problem.

    We all know medical facts are more illusory than that ;)

    Blaze on
  9. I've been cracking my bones since I was a baby pretty much. He (edit: my dad) said he felt my back crack when he was holding me when I was like 3.. I hurt when I don't crack them, but as soon as I do I almost nut, it feels that good. When I wake up I start with my knuckles, then the bone going from your wrist to your thumb mmmmmmmm.. elbows, neck, back.. knees, then toes. If I get stiff anywhere, I just crack and am good for hours. I've cracked my knuckles over and over for over a minute before. I wrapped them up tight so I couldn't move them at all for a day and then cut them out and went to town..

    I've had a theory on that arthritis thing. When you crack your knuckles, you're releasing that air. If you don't, it builds up and starts to hurt. So when you're cracking them a lot and someone says you'll get arthritis, you think "oh shit, I better stop" so you do. Then the gases build up and never release properly and cause pain, the "arthritis"..

    I love cracking other people's bones too. I don't fuck with necks, but I'll wreck a back and someone's fingers..
  10. Keep on crackin' sista! :smoking:
  11. is doesn't really harm your knuckles to be honest
  12. The title of this thread just reminded me to crack my knuckles.
  13. Love cracking my knuckles.. Hate when it gets so addicting that i repeatedly do it n it starts to hurt.

    Keep crackin away :)
  14. It's just popping nitrogen bubbles, and it doesn't have any negative effects.

    Feels fucking excellent to wake up and crack my back, fuck it cracks from top to bottom both ways. Sweet jesus it feels good.
  15. Lol :smoke:

  16. ^ this.

    *cracks knuckles*
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    Lol after reading that I just HAD to crack my back.. I fought the urge but damn it feels so damn good :D
  18. My back, knuckles and neck crack very loudly when I stretch them. It feels so good :D most people hate it but I love it because I feel so loose afterwards
  19. When I crack my neck it does NOT sound like air bubbles popping. It sounds like bones shattering. But god damn it feels great
  20. I crack all of my knuckles, not just the punchy ones but also the middle knuckles. I also crack all 3 of the knuckles on each toe (except the big toe cuz it only has 2). I just basically pull my toes at an arching angle over my finger and they all pop at once.

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