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Cracked the inside of my bowl; is it still safe to smoke out of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jimboslyce, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. So as I was cleaning my bowl I accidentally cracked a bit of the inside of the bowl, right near the actual hole.

    Basically, is it safe to smoke out of, or will it explode in my hands?
  2. Why exactly would it explode? do you have explosive residue in your pipe? hahahaha.

    Are you high right now?
  3. If you can still get a hit out of it.............................yes.
  4. the only way it can explode is if it wasint heat treated properly and still has stresses in the stuture of the glass. being chipped if its just a chip then im sure its fine but if its cracked then theres more of a chance of breakage. just be careful and try not to be too rough wit her.
  5. i dont think your lighter will increase the heat of your glass vastly within seconds, so it will not explode.. besides its the same thing as having a non cracked bowl.. Your bowl already has a hole in it so if it were too explode now it would have when you first got it.. :( please use logic
  6. Upon closer inspection, it's a LOT worse than I had thought. It's completely cracked. So... yeah, I'm going to have to put her down.
  7. Well, don't put it down because of a chance of exploding, It might crush or beak into pieces in your hand if it's that weak.. I'd try and cover up any cracks on the outside with my hand then hit it.. Mine as well smoke out of it till you get a new one!
  8. OP's question has been answered. Enough. :eek:

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