Cracked stem(l.s.t.)

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  1. I'm not sure the strain (its an indica) I topped it a couple weeks ago and it's about 3 ft tall and it has for long shoots. So I decided to tie them all down a little but wrnt too far and it split right down the junction where all four of them meet I wrapped some twine around it to hold it together but I'm curious if there's no more efficient the way of doing it...suggestion welcomed
  2. I’ve done that. I just taped it up with duct tape. I would recommend electrical tape or some other kind that doesn’t stick to itself. I split mine almost all the way and taping worked. You don’t want to wait too long for the tape. It works best if you tape it right away.
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  3. We did the same thing... just wrapped some wire around it and staked ot because it was the main tops... happened 4 weeks ago and she is growing like mad... fisrt pic shows fix sexond is the plant a few days ago received_2579197045699298.jpeg received_416496779077003.jpeg

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