cracked my bong. o no

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  1. so i was RIPPED cleaning my bong. i decided to clean it with listerine. surprisingly it did a good job. so much nasty gunk came out of it. i decided to put hot water to quickly clean out the listerine. after a while... i put on cold water. o m f g. i hear a crack. soooo fucking dissapointed.

    i have a nasty crack over the base of my bong... i dont know wat to do. its still together in one peace. should i tape it and keep smoking from it. will it break by itself? fuckkkkkkk
  2. how hot and cold was it? boiling to cold water? never rinsing my shit like that again haha
  3. it must have been really cold water or something, that sucks man =( picutre?
  4. damn that sucks.....cant go wrong with 420 cleaner
  5. if the crack is not touching any area that smoke passes through, superglue both sides and hold it together. there'll be a little band-aid of superglue

    it works!

  6. 420 cleaner is the best cleaner i have used. i use to boil my bubbler and pour in alcohol and sea salt and shake for 20-30 minutes to little effect. 420 cleaner cleaned most of it all off in 2 minutes of shaking. Its awesome and a must have if you want to keep your stuff clean and not have to be super anal in the process.
  7. i feel your pain my brother, i dropped my down while cleaning it the otherday and broke it, damn shitty single blown glass P.O.S. i got it for free though
  8. 420 cleaner is alcohol and salt.....? it says right on the bottle

  9. people all over the city are now kicking themselves right in THE ass. hahaha.
  10. Damn that sucks ass...your bong will probably get weaker and weaker over time and finally break all the way depending on how big and deep the crack is...You should just use 420 solution or salt and denatured alchohol to clean your pieces.
  11. ya kno...

    lol they braggin like u cant make dat at home
  12. well, i went from doing that alchol and sea salt what everyone said to do
    and just spending 7.99$ a very few months makes sure that my bubbler and my bong all 4 parts are looking new. went from just doing my bubbler (which i also would boil after as well) 30min to 2 hrs depending on how long i would let the thing sit and have all the ends plugged up, to just 2 minutes. it was worth it for me. im really loaded and was just on the ground picking up stuff so im really lit headed and no makign sense. sorry
  13. you can also smell that its something else that they are adding in it, bc its blue and it smells like cleaner.. not that distinct smell of alchol

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