cracked bong!!!!!!!

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  1. so 2 days ago i took a road trip to morgantown, wv to pick up a new piece from cool ridge. i ended up picking out a beautiful ~30" double dome perc bubble bottom bong with ice notches. i didn't really notice in the store, but when i got home i saw a tiny crack in the joint, just barely noticeable. i called up cool ridge the next day, and the girl said that all water pipe sales are final, and that they could not do anything about it.

    today i looked at the bong, and the crack had spread all the way from the top to the bottom of the joint and down and slightly around the top of the bubble bottom. it still hit fine, but i didn't want the crack to spread more.

    i have since repaired it as best i can with hot glue, which doesn't look as bad as i thought it would. in fact, if the hot glue is the right solution, i would be fine with leaving it like that.

    but my question is: will the hot glue prevent the crack from spreading? if not, what should my next course of action be? i know joints can be repaired, but the crack extends well into the bubble bottom. would it be better to have a blower convert it to a straight tube? is that even possible?

    i would prefer to leave it with the hot glue, but if that won't work, i want to find the best way possibble to ensure that i didn't waste $202.

    thank you in advance for your help. sorry i don't have any pics.
  2. wow
    shoulda seen it
    that sucks

    just whatever, use it until it breaks and then get it blown into an inline
  3. dam that sucks dick, im not sure theres much you can do besides hot glue.
  4. i'll post pics when i find my camera, but i don't know when that will be.

    do you know where i would be able to get it blown into an inline, and around how much it would cost?

    thanks for your reply

  5. Preston who runs StoneGlassworks is a member here shoot him a PM and he can give you a estimate
  6. thanks, i just sent him a pm.

    i think that will be my only option if the hot glue doesn't work, although for now it's fine.

    to save shipping costs, i would prefer to have the glass work done locally. does anyone know of any glass blowers in or near pittsburgh, pa that would be able to do a job like this?

    thanks guys
  7. hey, same thing happened to me..
    what did you end up doing/how did it work?
    Im THIS close to committing to hot glue since i dont know any blowers.

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