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  1. What costs more? crack or charlie?
    Somepeople tell me cracks the most expensive drug.
    But then some people tell me coke is.
    But then you gotta do something to coke to make it into a crack so crack must cost more.
    But then this crappy computer game thing called dopewars... cokes like 10times more than crack...?
    iam so confused

  2. ditto :D

    read up..... everything you want to know....

    and niether coke nor crack is close to being the most expensive substance.
  4. Yeah I am pretty sure crack is less expensive that coke, I believe with crack they are basically just returning the coke to the stage it was before some imnpurities were femoved and it is further synthsized. I think baking soda is used.
  5. lol that website is shamanic dude
  6. erowid is the best site ever, i check it out *ALWAYS* when i'm thinking about trying new drugs. literally on more than one occassion, i have trusted it with my life. :D every time they put info about like kids gettin high off over the counter drugs on the news, they should have something about "check out for detailed information on these substances", i bet that would've saved a few people that ran out, got the wrong stuff and died..
    also this is a great site for info:
    i use it mainly for experience reports. (um is this advertising? if so, umm edit it for me or pm me or somethin.. sorry, just tryin to push the info around)
  7. actually crack is one of the cheapest drugs but the reason its so expensive is cuz it only lasts like 10 minutes and then u need more.
  8. you can double your money with crack when you cook up the coke
  9. still confused - so is crack more expensive than coke because it has more short and intense buzz?

  10. ditto....sodium bicarbinate dissolved with coke yields around three times the original weight in crack cocaine. less needs to be ingested for the high, and since its smoked the high is much shorter, but much more intense as well...
  11. let me get this one, i grew up round crack dealers and crackheads, lol......

    well, crack cost about $5 a g, and a g of coke could range from 20-50......matters wut kinda coke it is,......Yeyo, glass, or wutever......but crack is made from small amounts of coke and baking soda.......
  12. iam sorry my understanding is poor.
    so cracks cheaper than coke... ok... thats because it doesnt have that much coke in it....
    does a gram of crack gets you more buzz than a gram of coke?
  13. 1 8 ball of coke 180 to 250 dollars dollars
    1 8 ball of crack 100 to 200 dollars
    adding coke with baking soda can double it depending on how much soda u use. 1 small pinch of the fingers per 1 gram turns out pretty good i heard

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