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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 25, 2006.

  1. that shit seems to real for me then
  2. how the hell is coke cheaper than crack?
  3. Have you ever bought an 8ball? That will last me like a day an a half. Ive also bought $180 worth of crack. Guess which one lasted longer?
  4. dude if youre THAT paranoid about it...when you actually do it and start feeling the huge rush you are gonna freak out.

    just stay away from it, in this case.

  5. well 2 things:

    1. i always got mouses for 400 of fishscale. i guess i shouldnt be saying too much.

    2. i couldnt smoke freebase more than 2 times daily, i hated not feeling my lungs.

    so i guess its personal usage. for me crack lasted a whole lot longer.
  6. Is that in the burbs or the hood you payin a bill eighty for a ball?

    If in the hood that better be some grade A shit man. If in the burbs you payin that price, Shit get your ass to the hood and save money bro. I be payin $120 for goooood snow.
  7. fuck smokin that shit. Get a couple lines of that colombo shit and i'm straight. haha it helps to have a colombian girlfriend who's dad is a movin brick houses. XD
  8. You know what i'm going to say and why, so just use your imagination.
  9. man everybody that said neg should kick it, man fuck that, shit i prefer soft myself, but shit, negligent's a responsible drugs user, he knows when to stop, let he who is without sin smoke the first stone.
  10. I have one piece of advice for you:
    Stay away from ice. If your getting into crack dont try ice its better but it ruins lives. I've seen it first hand 3-4 times. My friends dad almost shot himself because he couldn't get out of the addiction.

  11. I have never ever seen a post like yours. ever.

    and im pretty sure neg's done meth.

    lets leave the drug "advice" to the people who've done the drugs before.
  12. Dude, be careful. In my life I've made the choice to never ingest anything other then weed, and maybe shrooms once or twice.. That an peyote.

    Anyways, just be careful. If you are like most people, you have no self control and will let your habit get the best of you. People like to say they're no addicted to anything, but we all have a few things we love. I'm addicted to weed and music.

    Be careful. Read those words again. Dont read on until you do. Be fucking careful and I've got your back...
  13. couldn't have said it better myself.

    for me, i have done crack, meth, heroin, and coke and i absolutely hate the cravings. i know what your going thru right now, neg. but its pretty easy to leave if you have the willpower. it's all psychological ( you think you need it but you really don't ) or in other words, its all in your head. well im drunk and i can yap all night long but i dont feel like it so PEACE.

    and neg, i hope you dont get caught up like some people i know. if the cravings get to you then your fucked and your gonna end up a crack fiend for life. life has more things to offer than just rock. stick to the bud man its better. whatever its not my life so you do whatever you want and i cant stop you from smoking rock. To each his own.

  14. negligent has done meth, and he's still cool, man, so many dumb people, i mean i wouldn't smoke meth, but come's negligent!
  15. i dunno man i'd kick it cuz weeds fun n shit but whats the point in doin anything thats actually pretty bad for you and could fuck your life up bad. save some money and buy yourself a dirtbike or sumthin. I'd take a trip up to the track over any drug. just my two cents.
  16. OH GOD!! some hard sounds great right now lol. But i try to stick to the soft!

    negs have fun with that shit man, and 20 buck rocks? how much are u paying? i pay 40 a g, and i finish that within 20 mins. i dont see how 20 lasts the whole day unless ur gettting greaaattt deals. lol have fun, but be safe dude
  17. Seroquel + crack = doom.
  18. dunh dunh dunh

  19. true, be safe brother.
  20. And I HAVE seen people with sticks up their ass before, and you seem like one of them. I am SO sorry that I tried to keep someone away from hard drugs. I don't even know this guy how would I know hes experienced with hard drugs? I've lived around this shit for YEARS. I've inhaled second hand crack smoke meth smoke speed smoke you name it. I've watched peoples lives go in the shit hole because of it. I've seen people literally bow down and be someones bitch to get their teen of crystal. I dont think I need to smoke fucking crack to know the negative effects it has on people. I realize my advice on meth was totally out of place but thats because my friend had just got done talking to me about how his mom is about to hit rock bottom because she cant tear away from meth. I've gone up to my best friend and asked him to smoke a bowl and his response was, "Yeah a bowl of crank". So don't ever try to imply that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to addiction. I am a HIGHLY opinionated person and don't need to smoke crank to form an opinion about people not using the drug. All I want this guy to do is think TWICE before he burns his next bowl of crack if thats so hard for people to comprehend. I hope I just wasted 47 seconds of your time.

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