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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 25, 2006.

  1. haha i dunno man, i've been smokin hard for 3 days strait, 10 dollars the first day, then 30 the next (i only paid 10 for the pitchin), and then another 10 today, haha thats like daily crack use

    ahh but its so good haha, i wish i had a huge chunk of money and a 300mg seroquil so i could jus chief up an 8ball of crack and then pass right the fuck out from the seroquil, no fiendin, just 3.5 grams of crack cocaine, yeeaaa! haha

    but until i obtain that seroquil pill i aint smokin no more than 20 bucks of crack to myself
  2. That's where i hit the ceiling. Be carefull with that shit..

    IMO I'd kick it now

    With 2,388 posts i would think you would know where this post is supposed to be too.
  3. ive never done it but from what Ive seen crack is sooo addicting. Ive seen a good friend spend 3,000 in a about 4 months on crack. It took over her life. I wouldnt mess around with that stuff...
  4. you should do some other drugs to spice it up, give crack a break maybe... spend the cash on opiates or somethin
  5. How do you only spend $10-$30 on hard?? That is insane. I smoked that shit 4 times each time over $100 was spent. Idk how you do it.
  6. nah i do all kinda shit, i just been fuckin with crack the past couple days

    and what do you mean someone wit 2388 posts should know where to post this, its in general, because its a general kinda thing not related to weed or growing it
  7. ..and i seen ur posts about how ur in bad mood.. someones tryin to escape hehe =o BE CAREFUL
  8. Yeah i think its straight in here.

    But shit neg, Fer real homie you need to slow your role on that hard homie.

    Shit leads you nowhere, I know from seeing many of my family members or close friends fuck up on it.

    I hear stories about my aunt sucking dick for it.

    My cousins in jail for armed robbery/murder because of it.

    Another cousin who was like my father figured is in jail for manafacturing/distrubuting 22 ounces of cocaine/125 lbs of weed. Hes doing hard time in the states hardest prison, Jackson.

    One of my buddies straight lost all he had and he was straight ballin from that hard.

    Keep it to the soft bro, The hard gets you no where unless your selling it.
  9. crack is wack! Kick the habbit. Think of what it will do to you. sooner or later you will being doing some messed up things to get the crack.
  10. well neg, it is no ones place here to tell you not to do it, NO ONES

    but just be careful with it man, that is all i ask :smoke:
  11. i think youll be ok man, unless your getting great deals, that isnt a lot. more than the average bear, but not scary.

    just take care of yourself. you used to inject oxy's, so im not worried about you gettin addicted.

    plus, you might as well cook your own freebase, crack is so gross.
  12. Meh, to each his own. I'd rather have snow than rocks any day.

  13. Yea i know people who have fucked up on it too. My moms best friend who was like an aunt to me had a masters degree trying to get a job as a laywer. She tried that shit one night, liked it very much, started to do it more and more often and b4 she knew it she was addicted. She was caught and had to go to rehab and all that shit. She had a master degree and was trying to be a lawyer and now cause she has shit on her record about crack shes workin at MCdonalds.
  14. haha i'd still be shootin shit if i had a syringe that wasnt A) dull as fuck and B) clogged, i got lil dot scars from that shit, n it aint even worth the money to buy H in suburbia to snort cuz its expensive unless i go down the hood, where i dont wanna go due to the fact that i'm white n i'll get racially profiled by police instantly if spotted
  15. syringes arent hard to find

    from your post, hayro is more expensive than coke? (where you live)
  16. I know how that is.

    Cop : What are you doing in this area sir, Youra honkey in the projects, Lookin for dope eh?
    Me: Bitch i live here.
  17. i feel like tryin crack just once but i dunno because of everyone talkin about how addictin that shit is.

    does anyone know of anyone that tried crack once then just went cold turkey?

    if i was on it and waned to quit, i know i would have to go to rehab and all of that but would that mean i would have to drop out of school and all that shit?
  18. You can smoke it once and never again. But chances are you will want to do it again. I have yet to meet someone who smoked a rock and said they didnt want anymore, it just doesnt happen. I say stick with the powder, its not good but powder is a HELL of alot less addictive than crack. Cheaper in the long run too
  19. I know one dude who smoked it once.

    Was smoking with some fool he aient know, Smokin herb outta spoon and hit it and it taste funny and everything. But he hit it a couple times cuz he a dumbass. Then hes like what the fuck is this emptyed the bowl and sees a rock up in there. He finished it off. But he said it made him feel filthy and jus nasty. He aient did it since. He sticks to the soft.

    I know people whove done it 2-3 times and not since.

    And i know people who do it every once in awhile. But they all fuck ups.

    Like my boy Hankey ive talked about and his burboun. Well he smokes crack. It aient no thang. He aient smoke it like daily but he got money fuck it head to del ray where you can get them boulders. He smokes rocks fuck it. Im cool with alot of people who smoke rocks. But they all fucked up in life.

    Thas why i dont smoke the shit, And i dont shoot herion. Both drugs any person i know that does em are fucked up. And i know alot of people into that shit.

    Ive done shit in my day. Ive freebased, Ive done coke. Ive done speed. Ive done so many pills people call me the pharmacist(not really lol.) Ive done shit, But ive never broke down n smoke a rock.

    And Neg, Dont take it like im telling you what to do, Do whatcha want man. I jus dont want to see an intelligent man like yourself fall off.
  20. how much psychological damage do you think it would cause me? would i be thinking of it like 24/7 365

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