Crack cocaine.

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  1. pookies are like 4$ where i get em
  2. Ive done it a few times. I dont have any urge to do it again.

    just kinda past it.... Its really not worth it.

    Powder > Hard ALL DAY
  3. Not necessarily, I have a friend that smoked crack one time many years ago and he's said to me, "if you ever get the chance, do it!" That's pretty much all it takes for me to want it. If I hear a couple threads like this I'll know not to mess with it.

  4. I really hope you don't. I would recommend people try alot of drugs..weed is good...acid/shrooms are an experience..even ecstasy is enjoyable when it's a clean pill.

    But crack is something that needs to stay illegal. The high is enjoyable yea..but it's so short and you smoke $20 in an hour at the VERY MOST.

    Then once it's'll do anything to get it. Scrounging for money, calling people to borrow money, calling your dealer to front, scraping all the scrap/resin together you can for 1 lousy hit which just puts you back in the same boat.

    I don't regret a lot of things..I see most of them as lessons learned. This is something I regret so much though. Even aside from the way it makes you feel, the money is just...too much to even think about.

    Well incase anyone was wonderin, I've been clean still. It's been a little tough with people offerin to give me hits and even small amounts to take home. I would like to still do powder but I really think if I start that again then I'll wind up gettin rock again.
  5. Good job on being clean man. If you end up doing powder again, just remember, they're two different drugs. Not literally, but you know what I mean. The highs that are associated with each are very different, and if you settle for powder, stick with it. You don't always need to be fucked up to the max. Appreciate what you have, and stay away from the Rock. Good luck man.
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    after selling that shit with my brother for a couple months, i saw alot of shit people trading HDTV's, digital cameras, xbox 360's, PS3's and shit for a fuckin 50 peice lol

    i used take this one guys badass dodge charger for the weekend for a 50

    fridays id get so much money it was rediculous. too bad my connect got busted
  7. I tried crack cocaine the same night I tried meth for the first time. The meth didn't do anything for me (probably wasn't doing it correctly - good thing, cause I know I would've been hooked after my love-hate relationship with Adderall). To me it's the closest I've come to total euphoria. After that first hit I wanted to smoke the shit all night. I was cut off after the guy who had it found out I was only 16. For the longest time, probably a year and a half after, I thought about it every day. This is one drug I'd suggest you don't do just cause you wanna try it. You'll love it more than life itself.
  8. nope to dope. withdrawls from that shit is ruff!!! good luck to ya ima pray for ya dude
  9. mom died due to crack and coke.
    dont fuck with it man, just let it go as soon as you can.
    the earlier the better.
    i wish you luck.
  10. no white stuff more me, just the green shit
  11. Its an empty chase from high to high, trust me, hopefully you find out that its just not something you want in your life anymore. Thats how I kicked it. Never thought about it again. but im not around it all the time like yourself

    The best of luck to you bro
  12. Ever substance/drug/alcohol exept the herb to me are terrible
    they feel so great, but its so hard to stop

    i wouldnt stop smoking weed,but stop that crack shit now, the more you do it, the more in denial youll be
    alot of people have been in your shoes

    and you can only go one of two ways..
  13. Man I was chillen with these dudes at this one fools house. He mentioned he got good nug, rolls, all that shit.

    After we were gettin ready to leave he walks up and slips me a little baggy...I assumed it was a couple bowls of bud. Said wait till I'm home to open it. Got home..opened it a $50 rock sittin right there...

    I had to test the potency so I took 1 hit earlier..only one. Not sure if I should just pass this shit onto someone else or flush it. I hate flushin expensive shit though..I always feel like I made the wrong choice.

    Havin a neighbor right next door don't help much either. I can literally walk in my backyard and buy hard over the fence.
  14. im in rehab right now, not for crack, tho. But my councler used to be a crack head for 20 years. He said the only thing that saved him was the 12 step program. If you do believe in god, its cool if u dont, then i would highly suggest it. He has over 4 years clean time, and is a councler at 2 different rehabs, and goes to NA, he always says he owes it all to the 12 step program. I suggest u look into it
  15. Hey dude, if you can, get 3 normal doses of 2c-e and take them one night with a good lady freind or someone you can feel a connection with. I understand the weight of addiction, and I swear this 2c-e can defeat any addiction. It would be verrry intense just as a warning, but after I did it, so many things changed. Like I stopped doing a lot of shit just because I thought about the intensity of the substances, and then I will realize I am totally content being sober and that I actually don't enjoy it when I am way fucked up like that. Opium, prime example.

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