Crack cocaine.

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  1. I'm off the planet right now so this may run long/semi confusing.

    Well, some of you may remember I gave up everything except weed, hydrocodone, and the xanax I'm prescribed.

    I'm a hot headed person as it is but for the past 6+ months I've kept it in complete check.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say it made me feel so much better. I'll never fully give up marijuana because I see no valid reason too. It's the candy time for adults.

    But..same as they say with cigarettes..hang around those who use it and you will try it again. I've seen it first hand with more drugs then I can count, but rock is different..If I could keep 1 constant high it would be crack cocaine.

    You think powder makes you feel like the shit? Crack makes you feel like the guy who made that shit..

    I hit it once at a party..why not right? Well that was just a couple weeks ago and I've already shelled out in the 4digits

    It doesn't help having people basically offering to put the pipe in your mouth and light it.

    Giving up these people just isn't an option. Not in any way shape or form.

    I'm just high as hell and regretting some choices. Not everyone LOVES rock but the risk is could cost you a future house or car.

    Just think twice before doing a serious drug. I've still got quite a bit left and's not going in the toilet. I'm gonna really enjoy my last batch..then that's it. Been up the past 2 days smokin none stop.

    Drugs are supposed to bring something to your life. ALL crack does is make you want more right then. Within 5 minutes.

    To those who get in it and do just fine..props to you, wish I coulda been that way.

    But enough boring shit...time to party with the rest of the supply:smoking:
  2. Sorry to hear it man. Crack is whack and I hope you can beat it.
  3. Have fun with the last of it, and then get straight man.
  4. Look man, kick that shit for real. Do you really think this will be your last batch if you light up again? Im not tryin to preach cuz I know I'd do the same thing with Fentanyl in a second, but prove to yourself that you can toss the last of it now, then you will know you will have the power to avoid getting more.

    The more you do it, the more you'll crave it. You seem like an intelligent guy so Im sure you already know this. Seriously man, you've been up for two days smoking that shit non-stop? You need to sleep. FLUSH THAT SHIT! Prove to yourself that you can stop here and now.

    Im not tryin to be all up in your face, Im just tryin to help a fellow blade, ya feel me?
  5. I feel you COMPLETELY bro.

    The shoes you are in right now are a pair I once wore.

    Went over to a neighbors one night to burn one, well we are all smokin till the owner of the house comes in with a big smile and a bottom lip hangin LOW (if you've hit 'base, you know what im saying.)

    Later he proceeds to offer me about a bills worth for 30, letting me try it first.

    We took a bowl, 3 screens (2 on bottom, one on top if ya want), and some cig ash, and I then BLASTED OFF. Complete and utter euphoria, then it was loadin hit after hit till it was all gone.

    I came back home with another nice bit of cream (workable base), in my pocket. I looked at it and though about it, then i thought about all the other drugs I've put into my body some way or another.

    Then I realized, I feel no addictive qualities to cocaine anymore. Simply because the feeling of the drug was so great that it scared ME. Not even attempting to brag but if I were to list the substances I have used and ABused.....I may seem like a bad person to one that may not already know me, an addict, junkie, whatever you would like to call it.

    I didn't wanna be that guy. I'm all about using chemicals to better yourself in ways you usually may not without. (Psychs mainly there.)

    What I'm really trying to get to, is when the availibility is high, and the drug leads nowhere good. The only thing to do is GET OUT. Not literally as in move, but don't allow yourself to fall back down to that point of using.

    Saying all this from experience of course man, as you know.

    I mean hell right now I'm 3-4 days clean of diacetyl-morphine (heroin). It ain't as hard as people make it out to be, resisting that urge. Tempting yourself can actually HELP, once you've developed a good, strong, will to not do these things to yourself.

    I'm wishin you all the luck in the world man, I got you if you need to talk or anything, just get at me.

  6. Good luck getting out man, it's always tough to quit when a drug makes you feel fucking amazing and then like complete shit when you try to quit, and the only way to stop that feeling is to do more, if you know what I mean.
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    I'm not about to throw any out lol

    And I could easily smoke it again..infact I'll go ahead and say I will.

    I've never smoked daily. When I smoke though I smoke alot

    I have amazing self control as I've kicked any habbit I wanted so far.

    And the lack of control with the rock could easily be due to life right 2 years I may be that guy who can take a hit and be satisfied.

    Just thinking about it makes me start loving it again and I know I'll be around it on a regular basis still. I think I just need to put more thought before taking a hit.

    Like am I only getting 1 hit? Well that's just gonna piss me thx. however if someone offered me a ball...There would be no thinking.

    I'm just sick of all the "I wanna smoke meth and crack and do heroin"

    People have no idea what they're asking for. Unless your rich (and wont be for long) then every..EVERY time your out...your main focus is gonna be a fucking powdered rock. It's pathetic and I gotta deal with it.

    Im thankfull for not having physical withdrawals/pains though. I feel for people with a real heroin problem.

    I know this thread never would have stopped me from trying it and I know it won't help anyone else. I just hope they enjoy stayin awake all night thinking about a rock.

    I've always said quitting is as simple as making a decision. A serious choice to make something happen.

    I havn't done it yet..can't think about crack without your thought process being "where/when do I get more"

    I re-remembered I have work tomorrow so stayin up all night can't happen. I'm gonna smoke on whats built up in the pipe and then 1 more hit.

    The hits get huge by the way. One corner doesn't do shit in no think hydrocodone builds tolerance fast? You'll be burning a 20 rock each and every hit....every 5-10mins. Maybe longer if you can focus on something else enough. I guess it's a good thing rock is so expensive. Not everyone can afford to shoot themselves in the foot.

    You got it right pains...the control is in my hands. I havn't let it empty my bank account or ruin relationships but I know the road slowly curves that way.

    See im fixin to take a hit...I try to think of a word and I think of that feeling.

    I'm done I can't keep thinking about smoking $20 in one hit. That's fucking retarded no matter how you look at it. I got roughly 2 hits left (may make it one fat one). I'll 'give away' the rest tomorrow morning. Tonights the last night I ever hit a crack pipe. I just wont think when offered. If I start thinking then I talk myself into it.

    So many mixed emotions right now, and that's not like me. Let alone bringing up my problems on a computer lol.

    Fuck cocaine.
  8. oh i know all about that whole one you think about it you talk yourself into it thing. Ive been talking myself into it even tho i KNOW its doing me bad, and draining my wallet, man the money, i cant even think about the money, it hurts to know what i could have bought instead. Oh well, itll all come back sooner or later, it always does, just gotta be able to go a month or two and itll all be back.

    Opiates are my prob, i can do coke and meth and not even have a desire to go back..shit i just took like 15 hits off the tweak pipe about an hour ago, zoomin now and shit, but i dont have any desire to do any more. Last time i did it before this bag, was a year ago. yah this shits got me chatty..haha. Youll be fine if you want to be fine bro, and i remember when you quit this last time, and look, you DID 6 months. You KNOW you can do it. You just gotta actually do it. but the only way to do that is to want it.

    good luck and shit.
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    i used to be in the same situation a couple years ago. think weed gets you high? cream gets you HIGH. SOARING. then like a fiery plane crash. goodBYE WORLD.....ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER QUELO. hit it with the arm&hammer watch it rise to the top. keep the ice cream lookin white like some simillac. im good with the scale, i put 10s on the 1s. in the kitchen with coke fumes all around me, got 2 pots and a microwave; tryin to make a cake like easy bake yadig...
  10. I don't buy that. I quit cigarettes 8 years ago, yet most of my friends, co-workers and relatives still smoke. I have no more urges to ever smoke again. Even when out at a bar.

    In my social group, I'm one of 3 guys who smoke weed. Mostly everyone else can't due to dt's at work. I'm lucky I guess.

    I wish you the best.
  11. just smoke meth. like a 40 hour high off like 5 bucks and the comedown isnt even that bad and u get stuff done. unless good meth is hard to find where u live can u get string dope? or just the old recipe shit that burns ur skin
  12. Yeah I keep mind not to do it. I am pretty sure someone laced my weed with meth once, I was fucking furious, just because it is so fucking rude to do that to someone. I try to stay away from anything that is a rush though, unless its an acid peak ;)
  13. Rock is actually pretty easy to quit. Mostly because after getting hooked, and seeing its folly, we want to quit. Noone wants to be a crack head.
    Quitting crack in 3 easy steps:

    People: People that smoke crack, ditch them. They will talk you into it faster than you can talk yourself out of it.

    Places: Don't go to the hood, or places that you score. Even 4 years clean, my heart still races if I go near a certain part of the city, or pass an old drug exit on the freeway.

    Things: Smash the pipes, the pushers, and all the tools. Any associated paraphernalia, get rid of it.

    Thats it dude. 4+ years free:)
  14. Take a big fat moonbeam.
  15. thats fucked what did they think that you wouldnt notice haha. if it was string dope u wouldnt of noticed though cuz they can manufacture that to make a more fade high but still the energy. they are putting it in the food in northern california to hook the dipshit tourists rofl.
  16. as an avid fan of opiates, i dont know how 1 can get addicted to any stimulant. for me, the crash is just too rather be on day 3 wihdrawlin from hero than the sorry ass tme after the coke/rock binge.
  17. thats bullshit.
  18. Good luck quitting it man, I feel for you.

    Just kill off what you got, and get rid of anything that will ever make you want/think about the rock, even if it means friends or something you spent $50 for (I don't know how much a pipe is, I've never done it :p).
  19. damn dice man, gotta apply your quitting abilities to getting off the rock

    i'm glad i didn't go down that road like i did with coke

  20. dude when you said"i dont want to be that guy" you remind me of the meth commercials.sorry,i hope u get clean bro

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