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  1. Has anyone here smoked crack before?
  2. Yeah, probably.
  3. smoking crack is wackkkk
  4. why, do u got some??

    if so ill sukkk ur....

    jk jk jk lol crack is whack in fact id rather scratch my back
  5. i smoked crack for almost a year straight...crazy times, man, crazy times.
  6. No. But I was with a guy once when he was cooking some up and he offered it to me...
  7. I haven't personally, but I have good friend's that have. They told me the first time is always the best, and anytime after is usually not as great as the first.
  8. Probably because the first time is the only time you have a house and clean clothes.
  9. lol, nice assumption there.... /sarcasm for anyone who is too dim to get that

    if you're bent on trying crack for whatever reason there is no point to except for that first time, logically

    all the other times will never compare
  10. :rolleyes:stupid response
  11. I will admit I have smoked crack 3 times with my old buddy who does that shit on a regular basis. We used an aluminum arrow for the pipe and a ball of speaker wire for the screen. I wouldn't touch that shit again after what it has done to one of my old best friends....:mad:
  12. Yes and if I had an endless supply I would do it ALL DAY! :D:hello::D:hello::D
  13. Oh yeahhh.

    Crack is some good shit, sadly its so damn addictive for me.

    I try not to smoke it anymore, it just clutches me... but yeah, what you wanna know about it?
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    ..then have a heart attacck (quoting theat blue buddha or whatever guy up there)
  15. Do not smoke cocaine, just snort that shit.

    Don't smoke anything but cannabis.
  16. i dip the unlit end of a cigaret in my coke baggy and then smoke the coke but have never cooked it up into crack my buddy who gets it for me is alwayse trying to get me to though. i like just hitting it off a cig i get the most amazing head rush
  17. Id dont do crack nor cocaine

    Id rather do cocaine , instead of crack. Youll be sold to crack, not vice versa.

  18. oh yeah i remember that

    AND i was on probation
  19. oh man i love taking some ear ringing hits off the pipe but its sooo god damn addicting so i hate it. i guess its a love/hate thing for me

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