Crack cocaine

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by collie_man, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. So I just smoked a bowl of crack in my room while my parents stepped out to walk the dog, and now my room reeks of crack, how the hell can I get the smell out quickly?!
  2. lol. crack is wack. try air freshener?

    EDIT; and why did you smoke knowing that they would be right back?
  3. haha is this even a serious post?
  4. Grasscity, not crackcity. Step outside next time.
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    ive been in a room with my uncle while he smoked crack, and up until now i always thought it had no smell:confused:

    and wtf you prolly know how to get rid of weed smell, right, well just apply those same principals to crack smell, since apparently there is a smell:confused:

    i think my sense of smell is a little off, when everybody smells supper i cant smell anything.... my moms the same of course... my dad picked a winner lol
  6. Well here's the thing, I usually smoke a bowl of crack and then to cover up the smell I smoke like 3-4 bowls of shwag. But I'm currently out of shwag and I already ate all my resin... so idk what to do.

    EDIT: My parents are cool with me smoking, as long as its shwag cause they say that smoking the more potent strains kills brain cells so its whatever.
  7. Why are there idiots on here who think Potheads can help them with their hard drug problems.
  8. Dude its not a hard drug problem, I just enjoy smoking crack is all.

  9. Are they cool with you smoking crack? You are one fucked up individual.
  10. I didn't mean "problem" as an addiction, I meant the problem of getting rid of the smell. Chances are most people on here have no experience with crack (you know this website was designed for WEED smokers right?).
  11. No they're not cool with me smoking crack obviously, thats why I wanna cover up the smell (Refer to original post).

    I'm not really getting the types of responses I'm looking for... maybe this belongs in Spirituality And Philosophy?
  12. dont eat resin, dont drink the bong water and dont smoke crack:mad:


    sorry it had to come to that but i hope they catch you and throw your cracky ass out on the street:devious:
  13. That's a hard drug problem. Your still living with the rents and smoking crack? Save your crack money, get your own place, then go smoke some crack. In your parents house when they don't approve? Come on now.
  14. You mean to tell me that you don't eat resin?? It fucks you up man, one time i ate like a gram of resin and smoked a bowl of crack and I was tweakin out mannn.
  15. This belongs on a different website.
  16. This post confirms how crack is fucking you up.
  17. No man, maybe I'll send you an old resin crusted bowl so you can stick your tongue in it?

  18. no id prolly put this in pandoras box, lots of people in there have experience with harder drugs, so maybe thatd be your best bet
  19. Hey man i'm not trying to cause problems or anything, i just needed to know and figured I'd see what the city had to say about it. You don't have to be so negative all the time, jeez.
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