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Discussion in 'General' started by anarkin, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. I am going to a party tommorow and I was told to bring some money to pitch in on some coke... I love doing coke everynow and then and I ahven't touched it for months so I was plannign on doing it. I talked to my buddy today who wanted me to pitch in and he said all he could get was crack. I was wondering if they are the same?

    Everybody is telling me they are the exact same only you smoke crack and snort coke, but I thought the effects and everything were different. Could someone possibly clear this up for me?
  2. crack is the same thing as coke its just in rock form. most of the times it is cut with baking soda.. to tell potency.. the more yellow, the better
  3. well put it this way, cocaine is soft/powder, crack is hard/rock...think about's soft, the other's hard.



  4. Crack is a very intense, but short lived high. Coke is easier on the wallet, and mind too. Addiction with crack is easier to happen.

    Maybe look around a bit harder for some powder, whoever he's gettin the rock from should be able to get some.
  5. Thanks for the answers guys, I'll try looking around some more for the powder.
  6. yeah id stick with the powder... take it from me i did crack for 4 years straight daily... i mean its very very addictive... after one hit ull be ready to depleat ur savings account and do whatever it takes to get more money jus to buy another hit... it aint worth it my friend... jus search for more powder and fuck it if u cant come up on ne... stick to the good green my friend.

    good luck and if yal do decide to go with the rock... jus be careful with it.
  7. Whoever says crack and coke are the same are completley wrong.

    GL got it right.
  8. true they are two completely different drugs given u 2 completely different highs...

    but inorder to get the crack u must start off with the coke.

    anf for the rec neva said they were the same KSR :devious: :smoking: :wave: :D
  9. I for the record i never said you said they were the same either.

    I said WHOEVER.

    I was implying ChRoNdoJah without actually saying it but to late for that.

  10. for the record... i am well aware of that.. jus fuckin around dawg aint tryin to start nuthin

    stay high:smoking:
  11. crack is some nasty shit IMO yea they are different and crack is alot stronger as stated above. much more addicting and very dangerous. up to you, but i would suggest not to. Crack normally isnt used like only at parties and shit like coke is alot of the time, people find it hardewr to stay away from
  12. Tis all good.

    Jus kinda on egde right now, Pissed off.

    Police fuckin with my boy.

    My boy caught a armed robbery case.

    Homegirl of mine chillin with a snitch, Wont belive me.

    Same snitch got two of my boys in jail right now.

    Both got 2 attempt mruder cases, Armed robbery, Unlawful entry, Conspiracy to commit murder, And illegal firearms.


    Jus stressin.
  13. haha, ok now I'm 100% sure. If I can't get the powder Ill just be getting more green from my new "best friend":)

    and KSR, That's some messed up shit going down, hope everythign comes out good in the end, Ill smoke a couple for your buds :smoke:
  14. Stay away from crack... At least the media got the effects and side effects of that correct.
  15. So, a couple weeks ago, my dealer showed me the rock of coke he had, are you guys saying that was crack?

    It was huge, it was a 14 gram rock of coke...Coke and Crack arent the same.

  16. That's where my question started, my buddy said he could not find soft but could get hard coke and I asked if he meant crack and he said yea... so isn't a rock of coke the same as a rock of crack?
  17. No, When you buy coke in bulk, Like kilos ect, You usually get a brick of it. Which is compressed coke, And break it off which can look like a rock.

    But crack is cooked up and compleltye different.
  18. i think crack is smokeable rocks which give u the ultimate high
  19. coke is more of a white pure color where as crack rocks normally are a little darker like almost a light yellow tint to them right? correct me on this if im wrong please
  20. aint no thang dawg everyone has there days..

    im sorry to hear bout u boys tho thats sum fucked up of ym boys jus went down for grand theft... i hope that snitch gets whats coming to him/her... thats sum shit that u just dont do code of the streets # 1 rule is no matter what keep ya fuckin mouth shut...

    hope shyt gets better for ya dog.. i smoke it up for u tonight.
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