Crack Cocaine Marijuana-Watch Out.

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    so i was in a thread talkin about how Jenkem is now illegal.
    when i saw the OP talk about weed as potent as crack is now banned in their town.
    didn't believe the accusation so i google'd that shit and sure enough .. a Chicago news report

    they're trying to put a bigger charge on good weed..
    also warning parents of the new 'Crack Cocaine Weed' aka Kush or Hydro.
    funniest shit i've heard in a minute.

    using lines like:
    "Warning parents of the new dangerous drug, Kush"
    "Crack dealers switching to selling Kush so they face a lesser charge"
    "Crack destroys families,this will too"
    what the fuck?

    does the government realise they sell this same 'Kush' in medical dispensaries?

    [ame=]YouTube - Congress Warns: New "Super Pot" as Dangerous as Crack Cocaine[/ame]

    edit-sorry i guess this thread should've went to Marijuana News.
  2. Wow...... $600 an oz, yea right.

    And why are dealers always looking to kids.
  3. i know people who sell/buy at 600 on oz for the presidential kushes. the funny part is that they're saying its like crack. ha ha.. kush gets me way higher than crack ever did! ;)
  4. As bad as coke? How is it these people get on tv and can lie their ass off and brainwash all these people but we can't get people with factual information actually telling the people the truth. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT. All these government fonies can suck my dick.
  5. Thank you for posting that. It's hilarious.
  6. But think of the children!
  7. They are targeting teens? Why on earth would they do that, teens are all broke buying pogs or magic cards or whatever kids now adays play
  8. potent weed just means you have to smoke less to get high....

    these people in the video are freaking retarded.
  9. alsoooo.....Hash-alot more potent than any buds and still is not harmful/addictive at all
  10. They cover their lying asses so much you would think they would be smarter than this. Crack and dank are like completely opposites.
  11. Kush is a green monster that devours children. Stay away.
  12. If my marijuana was like cocaine, I would thank god and geeet hiiiiigh
  13. I'm lucky enough that both of my parents were products of the 60s, therefore they know the "truth" about cannabis. This government BS propaganda is just wrong.

    I think the US is the 4th Reich. :rolleyes:
  14. Hahahaha, all I'm gonna say.
  15. so much ignorance
  16. Barry Cooper said it right and here it is again: kids don't have any fucking money.

    so how are they buying this so called $600 super strain?
  17. Id love to get my hands on some weed that fucked me up like some rock...

    Make addiction a wholleee lot cheaper.
  18. some people are fucking stupid.

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