Crack City!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dirtydingusus, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. ok now im laffing my ass off at myself!!!that is funny shit!!!

  2. Lol wut?
    This thread is 5 years old...
  3. yes i know ...i started it

  4. You do realize you will most likely be banned for having multiple accounts,
  5. well lets see i realy doubt it...

    for a few reasons...maybe u noticed my other acount is from 2002 and i havent been on here for 2 or 3 yrs...and i forgot my old password...fucking stoner
    second i know most of the mods quite well several from before they were mods and have spoken to a bunch of them sence ive been back...they know my situation and its all good trust me i wont be baned for it

    but thanks for the warning

  6. Oh sweet then,
    didn't want you gettin' banned dude

  7. i do appreceate it realy....

    and have been baned before once apon a time it was only temperary tho
    me and digit where starting some shit over somethings that where going on that we didnt agree with ...and went about it the wrong way...

  8. Yea I remember Digit,
    he was a cool guy
    Too bad he got perma-banned shortly after I joined the city:(
  9. yes that truely sucks but i know digit and i can imajin how it went down
    i do miss that fucker tho!!!!
  10. yeah some poeple take it way to far, breakin,robbin,stealin for crack.
    ill enjoy a blast now and then but in not about to steal a car for a few hits of crack.

    acutlaly tonite i was supposed to get a rock and it didnt come through so im pissed. fuck it Ive got bomb ass yayo thats way too good to cook up.
  11. Good job on not being banned.

    I had a friend once tell me "if you ever get the chance to smoke crack, do it." so I'd try it. Yep that's all it takes for me to risk throwing my life away.
  12. When I was a freshman in college I bought an 8 ball one time. Well after about half of it was gone I realized I wasn't enjoying it and it was making me way too paranoid. I was in a dorm and I kept thinking I was going to get caught by the RA. So I stared at the bag and was like fuck it, i'm never touching this shit again, lets go out with a bang. So I busted out the baking soda and went to town.

    After about 3 rocks later and a grin from ear to ear i'm pacing around my room like a cracked out homeless man. I was having so much fun I didn't know what to do myself. I just kept taking hit after hit and I was so fucked up I forgot where I was. I didn't sleep for like the next day woke up feeling like absolute shit. This was 3 years ago and I haven't touched coke/crack since.

    My conclusion? Crack is wack.
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    I dooooo believe it's our Constitutional right to take into our bodies any substance we wish, of course this is violated everyday thanks to uneducated politicians.

    I'm sayin, Live and let LIVE. Their body their choice, if you do not agree with their decision and it bothers you to the point of worrying about it, yes, talk to them.

    But if it's a simple reacrational here and there habit, along with a good product, "hard" drugs are as safe as any pharmaceutical taken at the recommended dose/

    This is the reason why those who Do wish to try these drugs, should RESEARCH, RESEARCH, AND FUCKIN RESEARCH.

    It really is the only way to get Somewhat of an idea of how a life with drugs will be. Learn extraction and purification processes, Always know what you're working with.

    Hell, Heroin, when used responsibly, is just as safe as Tylenol, actually it's not As bad as tylenol (Acetaminophen). (not talking about IV'ing, thats another story..)

    This is simply MY take on it, this is the thing about the human capability of Free Will..........

    It goes BOTH ways. You can attempt to keep your intake low, or you can try to get high as you can.

    In the end, it just comes down to:

  14. we should all smoke crack, it'd be a much more interesting world I tell ya hwat
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    Being dopefiends definitely does cause bands to make some badass music. I think it's cuz being addicted to heroin just makes you want to kill yourself, so theres alot more emotion poured into the music.

    Alice in Chains is my favorite group of junkies.

    I know the thread is about crack, but he mentioned smack too
  16. i think we can all agree that crack is wack.

  17. dude, wtf did I miss? :eek:

    The old NWA song comes into mind.. point blank " IF YOU SMOKE 'CAIN YOU A STUPID MUTHA F*CKA"

    motto of drugs everyone.
  19. lmfao!!! talk bout what ever drugs you want open discusion always!!!

    i actualy started this thread one day when i was just sick and tired of seeing "pro-crack" threads pop up here on in the city...i do agree to each there own...and that being said ...i never met a crack head i liked?
    and ive met alot of them!!!

    i have met several people who did other hard drugs and have done quite a few myself... and many of those people i like very much...

    personaly i hate everyone equily...and by that i mean i am very fair when it comes to who i do and dont like ... if i dont like you its cus of the person you are ...and all the crackheads ive met are useless assholes as preveiousely discribed
  20. i never have and most likely never will do crack.
    but its ridiculous that you would post something like this
    if you lack the intellect to say something productive...
    this disrespect of people who use crack (im not sayin they deserved a shit load) isnt cool
    its their body, and their mind... they may do what they wish

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