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  1. so i havent used crab meal at all this season but want to start using it too late to add since my girls are almost about to flower? i have one plant already flowering....and i also heard (might of heard wrong) that crab meal helps bring out the flavors of the bud, is this true??? i tried looking it up but cant find anything on it.....
  2. Crab meal is calcium rich and can be a part of your liming additions while doubling as an indirect source of pest management.
    As far as developing flavors or terpenes....unsure. If you did want to use it this late, all I can say is particle size is crucial. You would have to pulverize it as fine as possible and scratch it in to the soil surface before watering in.
    Sulfur has been touted as critical to the formation of terpenes. You can use garden gypsum as a source.

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