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  1. how fine is this stuff supposed to be? just bought a bag of neptune harvest and there are some big pieces. should i smash it down a bit?
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    Mine has bigger pieces too. I didn't bother grinding it down more, but you could increase the surface area and dispersion if you nabbed a Craigslist coffee grinder and ran some through that. it's more fun watching the fungus turn those big pieces into tribbles. :D

    I nabbed a nice coffee grinder and blender from Craigslist for $5 or $7. I'm sure you could find just as awesome of a deal. Just be forewarned that it may possibly make it really airborne/dusty if you grind it too fine.


  3. worm compost it
  4. I use the same stuff at around one cup per cubic foot of soil mix (minus the perlite, I mix what I think I need when I pot the soil) and after a 30 day cook I can't hardly find a bigger piece of shell.
    So you could smash it but you don't have to.

  5. sounds good thanks guys
  6. If you have an active compost heap, throw in some crab legs or lobster shells sometime. In my heap after two weeks all that remained were the claw tips, nothing more.

    We use shells because they have some nutitional values Chitin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    And for the bacteria they attract. Chitinase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As it turns out some bug parts are also made from chitin and the bacteria/enzymes chitin attracts eats bugs too. So in one additive we get nutritional values and some bug deterrent. Win win as they say......MIW
  7. hey instead of makin a new thread ill just ask here. u think there is a much difference between stay ABS Greenworld, Premier or Fafard peat moss?
  8. Premier is the only name i recognize and know that LD recommends Premier or Alaska Peat. The reasoning, you'd need to ask him directly. I'd recommend the Premier if you have those choices.
  9. yup i remember him sayin that, but i also thought i saw him say that most peat is acquired from one of a handful of places. i may be mistaken on that. the places that carries the premier is a further away and dont know if it justifies takin a trip out

  10. It does.

    I've used nothing but Premier for over 35 years, mainly because that's what the landscaper supply carried.

    Year before last I got a bale of something else. It was noticeably inferior just working with it. IIRC it was at Lowes. HD carries the Premier in my area, but I was at Lowes and figured, peat is peat. Wrong.

    Get the Premier.

  11. much obliged
  12. Most peat comes from the same place.


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