Cr125 top end fried

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  1. Hey guys I've got a cr125 that was recently stolen. I got it back from the pice a few days ago but the guys who stole it blew the top end on it. I'm not sure if anyone knows anything about dirtbikes, but how much do you think a new top end will run me?
  2. top end kits shouldnt be too expensive. try ebay. ive gotten most of my gaskets for my bike off there. good parts. for a good price.
  3. not very much man, goto a website or even your nearest honda dealer and get wiseco high compression piston kit. comes with your piston, rings, surclips and other 2stroke topend needs. but you will have to replace the gaskets as well. all together it should run you around 150 bones. as an extra you should get the cylinder nikecel plated if its not already, thatll keep your cylinder from getting scratches and keep it from warping.:cool:

    pm me when you get it runnin if you wanna race man, i gotta cr250:smoke:
  4. i race mx and replace pistons monthly so i have some know how here haha. A 2t piston kit should run bout 120. Is the cylinder, crank, rod,main bearings still good? Be thankfull you dont have a 4t, thats wat i race and i blew the top and bottom end about 3 months ago, cost me 2k

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