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  1. Hey guys, I've been gone for quite a while, busy with other things and such. But anyways, Ive got two grow rooms, one is 5 ft. squared, the other 7ft squared. My house has a shitload of cpu fans all lying around, different sizes and such. All them say the Voltage they need but no CFM rating. I don't know how many I need for each room either. Any hints? BTW I heard a good ventilated room needs fans at 200+ CFM rating which is crazy because most cpu fans are around 80-110 CFM a peice! Comments please.
  2. The catch all formula for working out the amount of cfm you need is :

    (3.2 x watts) / (Grow Room Temperature F - Cool Intake Air Temperature F) = CFM

    So, if you have 1,000 watts, want 85 degrees in your grow space and the ambient air temperature is 75 then:

    (3.2 x 1,000) / (85 - 75) = 320CFM


    [EDIT : You have to remember though that fans rarely operate at their cfm rating and it usually better to be conservative and get slightly more CFM than you strictly need.

    It is also worthwhile using two fans on 50% rather than 1 fan on 100% as this will decrease some noise .... remember though that air movement makes most of the noise and inlets and exhausts are noisy.
  3. i understand everything except the ambient air temperature thing. Explain a little more please? thanks. :)
  4. The ambient air temperature is the average temp of the air outside thats gonna be ventilated into the box,
    Different cfm ratings are needed for different size grow rooms,
    A small grow box would only need a small cfm rating,
    But a huge room would need a high cfm rating,
  5. ^

    Exactly like that for amibient air definition.

    Been slow.


  6. i'd do a search for dayton blowers

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