coyotes near guerilla grow?

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  1. Found a dead muskrat on the shore of a lake next to my grow and I'm wondering if the bites and chunks out of it could have been done by a coyote. I always carry a knife but the thought is still worrying because i go up alone. Any coyote experts here on grasscity?

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  2. coyotes are more afraid of you than you are of them. you wont have any problems, unless of course you run into a rabid one.

    ill tell you one thing though, a knife wont do much when a 40 pound rabid wild animal comes diving at you lol.

    grab a shovel and toss the carcass. be sure not to use things like blood meal or bone meal during your grow; this attracts carnivorous predators. the last thing you need is for them to dig up your plants.
  3. Two years ago at my location I ran into 3 coyote at around 12am in complete darkness, I had a tiki torch burning for light as I dug.. They were little guys maybe 25 lbs... I always carry a pretty large knife but was also equiped with a shovel this time as I was digging... anyway I heard them coming from maybe 35 yards off and got a bit shaken up, reached down, grabbed my flashlight and once I could tell whatever it was, was getting really close up on me I shined the light directly on them... they seemed like they went from curious to scared and just kept on moving away from me... It was definitely just a curious thing.. and they wont bother you... if it makes you feel better get a can of pepper spray... But like osub said- they are scared of you.
  4. Yeah man, sounds stupid but just yell at them and theyll go away. I used to live on a ranch and we had a lot of coyotes. But yeah a rabid coyote would be a lot of trouble man.
  5. Back in the old days...I mean Old Days, we carried guns, but who needs the hassle these days, ... just sharpen the sides of your shovel like a knife, and there's no noise to worry about either, other than the sound of the canines head dropping to the ground...Thud!!

    Consider growing peppers around ya plants


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