Discussion in 'General' started by Forbidden Fruit, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. whats up? im bored outta my head with no weed, no money (waiting for that) and im listening to daterape by sublime......and my girlfriend is almost 4 hours late and im pissed off.
  2. Man your in rough shape...allow me to have a toke for ya!
  3. Yes, Lets all toke for crocodile. =)

    keep your spirits up

  4. And I evidently went off-line before I noticed your post!!! Soooooorry FF, wish I could have been ther for ya!!

    If this were a "Perfect World" your girl showed up apoligizing, with some cash and some stash!!!! I'll check the Board a lil' more carefully in the future, to try to avoid missin' anyone.

    Guess I'll join the other's, and Blaze a bit in support, LOL (Like I need an excuse, LOL) :smoke: :smoking: :hippie:
  5. Yay!!! stoned some purple sensimilla and some king hassian polm hash....and some crystal....and some jack going home tommorow....hopefully the plane wont crash into the empire state building...but..who knows.
  6. Glad to hear you're soon to be headed Home, Guess I'll have to be Blazen' one to celebrate now!! LOL!! :smoke: :smoking:
  7. leaving on flights avaliable on more day in the 'dam
  8. Well maybe you can enjoy your last day, now that you know you're coming home!! How's your Mom doing?? :smoke:

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