cow manure?

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  1. so im on a low budget can i just grow in composted cow manure and use fox farm nutes? will it coome out dank? my friends plant did and he didnt even use fox farms
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    So you want to use cow manure instead of soil?
  3. well its composted cow manure that u can buy at lowes
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    I'm curious! If it worked they would grow awesomely
  5. it did man im just wanting to hear some peoples opinons
  6. Try it out. I know of people that grow in about 80% worm castings and 20% Perlite.

    If/When you do it, make a journal. I'm interested.
  7. will do man beans are otw! my friend did it and it tasted dam fruity.gotta love that outdoor bud from texas lol
  8. any more thoughts btw im gunna be growing indoors
  9. Never used composted cow manure but I do use horse manure compost. We just got a bunch of horse manure that sat around for a little over a year and it wasnt broken up so we just spread it out on a big tarp in the yard and ran it over with the lawn mower turning it over every few passes. Worked great, I used horse manure compost last year with Technaflora nutes and alot of my nephews friends thhought it was grown indoors. Oh also used alot of unsuplhered molasses during flowering.

  10. Your lawnmower probably looked great after that

  11. Not really. Horse manure is mostly just grass to begin with. Anyways we always hose the lawnmower off when done mowing. Cow manure compost might be pretty rich in nitrogen so if you do use it you might want to mix it up with some regular dirt or potting soil with no time release nutes in it. The horse manure compost we mix it up with dirt and perlite pretty well. Below is a link to outdoor growing guide it has alot of usefull info in it.
  12. I used a large percentage of moo-nure in my mix this year. The only thing I'd say is make sure you break it up really good and mix in some perlite, cause its really moist, thick, and tends to clump together in big pieces.
  13. can i get all of this stuff yall have at my local lowes?
  14. Yeah except for the nutes mentioned.

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