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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by THCaleb, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. What's up everyone, I just been chillin thinkin about the vegetation stage and if it'd be a good idea to mix an all organic cow manure in with the FoxFarm Happy Frog soil. The brand of manure is called Black Kow. Anyone heard of it? I know about the FoxFarm nutes, tho I've only used one foliar spray from them and still plan on using it for the flowering stage. I just can't find a FF fertilizer in stores, except for a hydro store that closed down a few months ago. I plan on ordering a nutrient pack from FF anyway, I just got that cow manure for free and they said that particular brand would be the one to use in a container. I've also heard you can just let it veg in pretty much any FF soil without feeding it til flowering. Idk how true that is unless you use Strawberry Plains that already has nutrients mixed in. I just don't wanna mess up my pure Happy Frog soil or make the roots struggle to pass thru something so dense. Anyone agree that some manure can be good in a container?
  2. I'd stick with just the happy frog. It's more than enough to get your plants going.
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  3. Cool, my oldest seedling been loving it. It's only a week older than my other 2 but thanks for your input. I read the ingredients and it literally does have everything a cannabis plant needs, all the way down to a huge mycorrhizae content.
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