Covert Growing, 1 week update

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  1. So its been about a week since I posted the first word on my covert grow kit.

    I took some of the advice that was thrown my way and made changes. At this point I've still got to buy a different mount for the light and an extra bulb or more, and I've also got to put in a fan. I've only got the cash for one and today my moneys on the ventilation. If I end up doing something genius with that, I'll post again later and allow you all to marvel.

    This is what we've got so far when it comes to progress, the absolute proof of product. I think it looks good. I topped off the pot as the soil was compressed a little bit from watering, so the plant has a little more support than its been used to for the past few days.


    And just incase you forgot what that was growing in, heres a photo of the operation in progress, completely lit and all.


    Remove the speaker to get to the inside, and you'll be confronted with the vew in the following photo. The speaker is going to be the next problem. Because of the magnets and the depth of the cone, it takes up a lot of space in the box. My idea right now is to cut a ring of the right size in plyboard and paint that black, drilling the screw holes where appropriate to mount it to the box. Ill get the cone out of the speaker and mount that to the ring so that on the outside it doesnt really look any different. Anyway, back on track - heres the photo.


    And an upwards view of the interior.


    So theres the grow box as of now. I'd like to keep the plant in this box through maturity, I'm thinking maybe bonsaiing it or something, but I've still got to do all the research on that. If anyone can help out, maybe they get a piece of the pie. Or maybe I just take the advice and keep the pie.
  2. theres a grow section for a reason dude. Theres enough threads as it is in Recreactional, and they will close down that other one you made.

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