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Covering Up the Smell of Fresh Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canada, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. My buddy picked up a 1/2oz of some kush for me and him to split 50/50. So last night I go to pick it up and I walk into my buddies place. It smelled from at least 20 ft outside of his room where he had it. I asked how much he had on him. He said that it was just what he picked up. This stuff is stinky like you wouldn't believe.

    He had them in jars and it could still be smelled. Any good way of trying to cover up the smell while I still have it in my place. I have uptight roommates. :S I'm looking for for something that covers up the smell but doesn't add to it. I know there are odorizers that smell like fruit or flowers but most of the time it just ends up smelling like weed+whatever you sprayed.
  2. put your weed in a glass jar that can seal tight and put an orange peel in there with it.
  3. It still smells through a airtight glass jar? That's some stanky good buds.
  4. throw some orange peels in a mason jar with it but try to change the peels once in awhille!! ps any type of fruit will work!!:smoking::smoking:
  5. well if a glass jar doesnt do it..

    or sumthin like this

    then your fucked man unless you go covert with an empty shampoo bottle and duct tape :smoking:
  6. Put it in an airtight jar. And wrap the jar in a towel or shirt.
  7. Invest in a can of Ozium.
  8. Don't do this, you will ruin the flavor of your bud and it will taste citrusy. If you have a garage, hide it in there or put it in multiple bags with dryer sheets around it or something.

  9. i think it actually adds to the flavor, but if you dont wanna do that you can put it in a mason jar and put ground up coffee beans in there. it's what people do to throw off the smell of police dogs. it really works. Put your ground up coffee in first, put a plastic bag/sheet of saran wrap on top of that, add your bud, and then put more coffee beans on top. you should have three layers, beans,bud,beans. this works really well for me! hope it helps;)
  10. nah man its simple. A jar or tupperware. then an open bag of coffe grounds next to it. works insane

    EDIT: this is how people get through drug dogs sometimes.
  11. dude. the best way to get rid of smell is to just smoke it
    sit down with like 10 blunts, and just do work at it till its all gone
    then you wont have to worry about hiding it anymore right ?
  12. thanks for the good tips. it was in a jar when I got to his house and was real stinky. Even right now at mine its in 2 freezer ziplocks(the heavy ones) and still stinks the whole room or wherever its at. Ill have to invest in a good jar and maybe wrap it up as someone mentioned with some bounce dryer sheets or something. I'm kind of apposed to the fruit stuff just because I dont want it changing the consistency of it. This was some amazing stuff though. Him and I matched up and smoked a couple joints. It was the first time in about 2 weeks since everyone has been dry around here. not sure what strain of kush but it was the bomb.
  13. Put it in an airtight bag. Then put it in a jar with some dryer sheets in it.
  14. im telling you guys those airborne containers for like stuffy noses work 100%!

  15. Those stories are greatly exaggerated since dogs smell all scents present, not just the strongest scent like humans do.

  16. A fuckin Men
  17. i know, for a fact, that if the jar's really airtight, it will NOT smell.

    either his jars suck balls or he touched the weed, then the outside of the jar, thus getting
    the jar to smell like pot
  18. that shit smells good!

    show it off!

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