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Covering the smell in a shared bathroom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaquanDaBlack, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. I am trying to smoke up and the only private place is a shared bathroom. I dont want the smell to travel outside the room, or stay in the room.

    I have a plan to not have the smell be a problem but just wanted to make sure it would work.

    I am going to put a blanket under the door, blow the smoke into the fan (those fans that take in air instead of blowing it out), and smoking as far away from the door as possible (about 5 feet). Sadly i dont have a window in the bathroom.
    Would this be enough?
  2. i used to smoke cigs in the bathroom at my parents house. i used to have to stand on the toilet like right up next to the fan so it would get the smoke coming off the cig too lol

    if youre smoking a bowl or bong just load lil snappers and keep the smoke in for a bit and thatll help too. probably get some fabreeze too
  3. No! Don't smoke cannabis in my bathroom! You're sharing a bathroom and trying to contain the smell. That's like sharing a bathroom with a cigarette smoker, not considerate at all, mate. Go outside. Cannabis stinks to high heaven.
  4. Why are you smoking in a bathroom lmao just go outside like a normal person:laughing:
  5. It is definitely going to smell like weed in that bathroom. I wouldn't do it
  6. Get a disposable co2 pen.

    No way can you mask the smell in a shared bathroom. Only way would be to light an insence but why would you be lighting that in the bathroom anyways...hmm

    Go outside

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