Covering "Schism" by Tool

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  1. I love tool man!
    Good job.

    I've always wanted to learn drums but no room for them :(
  2. Thanks. Haha, I'd definitely take the time to learn once ya find the room. They're great not just for impressing members of the opposite sex; but dude...enhancing your brain. I think there might be a link between playing drums and obtaining super powers. FOR REAL!
  3. Gonna be a sad sad day when Maynard can no longer perform for tool, I muuust see tool live!! There's a few Puscifer songs I like, but not many which I believe was created so he'd be able to still do live shows and to integrate comedy with it. hes a funny dude though haha
  4. I love how its SO easy to play on bass and blows peoples minds haha.
  5. Definitely not a relaxing, beginner song though. They've got some pretty crazy time signatures.
  6. love your bleed cover. haake said it took him like 4 months to be able to play the whole song live.

  7. Holy shit, tell me about it. Part of the song is in 6.5/8 (motherfuckers using fractions and shit). It's not a hard song to play once you get the timing down though.
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    6.5/ not a real time signature. you can't have 6 1/2 eighth notes in a bar. it mainly alternates between 5/8 and 7/8. the end of the song shifts time more often than the verse and chorus do iirc...

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