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  1. Hello all. How does everyone else cover there plant's from rain I'm not needing a greenhouse or anything of that sort just a rain blocking thing. I just have 4 plant's ranging in size 5.5 feet to 9 foot tall & feel like it would be cheaper to cover each on there own I've used pvc it does break in the wind very violently I've had steel pols bend at 90 degree angles and makes a mess I have trees I could use lol
    Any input helps.
    Peace & thank you in advance
  2. Heavy rain or light rain? I used a leaf blower to blow the water off the buds if my plants are that far along. I did it last season and it worked great. Good Luck.
  3. I don't cover. I live in the desert, so we don't get much rain. Summer time rain here comes down monsoon status though. It will be 100° out and the clouds will come in and just dump rain for 30 minutes or so. Occasionally it will start hailing. After it's done I just shake the stalks and branches to knock the excess water off.
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  4. I'm in oregon & it rains a lot here i have tried just about everything I can think of & it work's great untill the rain & wind hit lol eh a little light rain won't hurt nothing. But I guess that's why we harvest before the heavy rains hit ain't nothing I can do about it
    Thanks man I appreciate it.
  5. I have 2 pallets up with rebar in the ground to hold it up and cinder blocks holding it down, I then put a tarp up on the wall putting bricks on and then I drape it down over the pallets, leaving the front open so air can circulate.. now, if say do this by tying it to 4 poles or trees.. or build a little wall with pallets, dig like an inch in the ground, put pallets, put dirt back, then cover, is say wrap the pallets with that clear wrap and then the tarp for the tops and ground they're in.
  6. I'm thinking about stringing a top ratchet strap for the center & two others as ribs to make a triangle about 2 feet above the plant's using the near by trees & attaching plastic to that in my mind it looks a covered wagon just 10 / 12 foot off the ground. I also feel like something that's moves a little in the heavy wind will last longer then something that tries to fight it. Plastic is cheap and so is rope.
  7. Yea use a tarp, but don't use the ones they use for painting, they're the super fuckin thick ones, you'll have a bitch of a tie trying to maneuver it, granted it has holes all along the 4 sides that are reinforced with like plastic usually.. they sell those pull systems at hydro stores and you could just attach that to the tarp instead of a light, for easy lifting up and down.... I'd say use climbing rope
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