covering mouthpiece

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  1. I'm looking for an easy way to plug the mouthpiece of my bong for cleaning purposes. Any ideas?
  2. how tall is your piece?
    what method of cleaning you are using?

    they sell pieces to plug up the downstem for this purpose.
    but im not too positive on the mouthpiece.
  3. I just cover it with my hand personally. As the previous poster asked, what size?
  4. depending on the tube size you get buy a pack of water balloons and stretch that over the mouthpiece and it would create a pretty much air tight seal
  5. Just 20 inches tall. 2 inch diameter mouthpiece. I want to plug the mouthpiece so I can shake my bong upside down to clean because of percs.

  6. in that case water balloon on the end + wrap a rubber band around it tightly

    cheers mate

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