covered in bites

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Iversable420, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. I went camping out with one of my buds and about 1/8 of our buds,we set up our tent wich took about an hour,nighttime comes we start toking and outta nowhere these fucking mutant mosquitos come outta nowhere and start a biting me.
    At the moment i was pretty sober and started wacking them away and what not but after 2 hits of my bong i wasnt even worring about them they would be bitting me while i was toking i think they wanted a hit...the next morning i wake up with like 40bites on me my arms and me fucking feet even one on my big toe i eventually started scraching one and the other till i couldnt stop next time i wont forget bug repelent.
  2. i know what u mean...shit happens to me alot when i blaze in any wooded area.

    but how do u forget bugspray on a camping trip?
  3. this dont seem to make much sense to me cuz generally if your smoking bugs run away ive never been bugged by bugs when smoking because they always run away
  4. i dont kno about u then man cause the bugs down here always bothering me when i smoke in the woods,poon man we should toke up one of these days i live in orlando not to far from u,peace.
  5. ^^word...i go to orlando tons of times during the year.
  6. I have the same fucking problem all the time. I think different groups of mosquitoes around the world have made a pact to destroy me at all costs. It doesn't matter if I'm at school, at home, or on vacation, the little bastards are all over the place. They've gotten even more obnoxious recently. Before, they bit only my arms, legs, and ankles (the areas most often exposed), but one big fucker bit me in the forehead the other night while I was sitting in my backyard trying to hit the bong. The bite was huge! I say we declare war on them. That'll show 'em.
  7. yeah mosquitos suck ass
  8. i Smoke up in my backyard which has a creek right behind it. The mosquitos breed back in there. Its scary as sh!t when fly sized mostquitos start biting you.
  9. Mother fuckers dont have nothing else better to do then suck my blood...

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