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  1. Anyone going?

    For those of you who don't know what 'Coventry' is, it's where Phish will perform their last concert ever. Vermont.
  2. i dont think i am but i really really want to . got an extra ticket?
  3. Tickets are going to be extremely pricey, i may go seem them in New York though. Because of my hectic moving schedule i am going to miss the closest show to me ( i am moving to PA) so NY is the next closest showing.
  4. my friend did like vallet parking for the phish gig in NY and got to see the show for freeeee :D
  5. haha, coventry is the name of my elementary school and when i first saw this post i thought about it, and it brought back some good ole memories...

    How come it's going to be their last concert ever?
  6. Phish has decided to stop making music and to stop touring. I guess they just want to be with their families now, I mean, they have been touring for something like 19 years.
  7. Wish I could go see them before they break up for good, but I can't. I went to Bonnaroo with a guy that's gonna be at the show they're playing this thursday. Lucky bastards..... :)
  8. hey 12inchbong i was at the roo too i was pretty kickass i thought. except i missed all of saturday night cause i ate mushrooms and things just got messed up. what did you think about it
  9. ill be there
  10. Sadly I won't be there, but I will be at Alpine Valley, for their concert this Saturday, its going to be fucking amazing, I can't wait. :D :smoking: :D
  11. dang, ticker prices are up to around 150 now
  12. Why was this moved?

    A place for the musicians and music lovers seems more suitable than Forum on the various methods of marijuana use. Share your methods to enjoy the herb. Bongs, Pipes, Joints, how do you smoke it?
  13. ..................................................................................what? (>'')> <(''<)
  14. If your talking about Lukes post, I'm with you on that one

    but if you talking about why it was moved still, I moved it because this thread is more about music then it is weed, no problems, it happens all the time

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