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Courtesy Question... PusherMan Related.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coalition17, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. So I'm dry right now. My current connects are A) In Jail B) Outta town.

    I got a dude I used to buy from when I was in school, but he recently moved to Georgia. I talk to him once or twice a week on FaceBook or something.
    I know he still has connects here because he's told me.
    Would it be inconsiderate to ask him if he could get up with a local connect and vouch for me so I could pick up some bud?
    I could really go for a blunt right about now :eek:
  2. I'd say that's cool. Just let him know your situation and how you have nobody else to turn to. If he's a nice guy he will probably help you out.
  3. Dude you might as well ask. You have nothing to loose. The worst that he can say is no. Unless he is a bitch and it ruins your friendship over it, then you could possibly loose a friend, but if you two are pretty tight then I would ask.

    I've gotten some good hookups from being in your exact situation. You have to branch out and talk to people. I'm always super nice but at the same time I know my shit and I know the prices in my area and what to pay for certain grades.
  4. On a related topic, do you guys prefer to call your connect directly?
    Sometimes I text them but it just feels strange.. Like I'm somehow leaving a record of exactly what i did somewhere in the US Cellular databases theres record of all the drug related texts I've sent

  5. i just text em to meet me somewhere. they know what i want so nothin i'd really be worried about ever comes up in the texts

    and yea it's worth askin, see if he has a number he can give you or somethin, i've lost connects a lot and thats how i usually find new ones, just ask around, ask people you know who smoke
  6. I just texted him about 30 minutes ago. We're just talkin now, I figured I'd have a convo instead of just texting him for bud.
    Turns out he's actually outta school this week and is in town so he might be able to hook me up himself.

  7. yea, if he hooks you up himself pack a bowl or somethin, and say somethin about how it sucks now how your connects are all gone, he might bring up someone he knows or somethin
    or just ask him straight up
  8. I always call and use non descript adjectives. Can't be too safe ;)
  9. If he doesn't tell me he's getting any bud soon I'm gonna go smoke some fucking catnip x.x

  10. Straight to catnip eh?

    TBH, just ask the man if he has any connects and can get bud. If he does then get the bud and smoke him up at least.
  11. Yeah, nothing inconsiderate about asking, as long as its not the first thing you say. Just start a norml conversation and once you have opened that door up just ask him politely and if he says no then you are in the same situation you are now. If he says yes then you win! Just don't beg, I dealt for a little while and the most annoying thing people did was keep asking if you didn't respond or told them no.
  12. Yep I asked him at about 1:30EST and he said "I'll see gimme 5 minutes"
    An hour later I texted him saying no luck? and got no response so i just gave up.
    My friend knows a girl selling some dank so I might go buy a gram of that.
    I got bored and remember I had a walmart gift card, so I went and boughta box of Tazo Calming tea for 3 bucks, it has chamomile, lemongrass,lemon balm, rose petals, and a bunch of other herbs. I figured what the hell.
    I smoked 2 j's and I actually feel high. Not just lightheaded but relaxed and calm.
    it's wonderful.

  13. youd be better off drinking like 2 cups of tea with like 2 bags in each. steeped for a while. i used to do that a while back while i smoked before bed. it does give you a 'head change'..mainly due to the chamomile and valerian in the tea
  14. if you're resorting to catnip you're probably better off goin to a smoke shop and gettin some k2 or shit like that. I'm not recommending it cuz it's dumb and retardedly unhealthy, but it's better than catnip. or see if they have kratom. you can mix it with pretty much any liquid and it seems to give me an almost opiate like high.

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