Court Tuesday + DT knocking on my door this morn.

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  1. When it seems like shit cant be worse, Recently I was rolled up on at Taco Bell rolling a blunt, They found some stuff in my car Im not going to mencion but I was charged with 4 Diffrent Drug Charges + Littering For the dutch guts. Got my car taken away, Some money, and a piece of my stash.
    I Just moved back to the island with my parents, I still have all my connects here, it hasn't been too long. Ive been here for a week, and they knock on my door asking me if I know of 2 locations, and they gave me adresses ( weird). One of which is where I get my pills from, The other is this guy I know of sisters house who picks up madddd e-bombs. Bugging me out...... I didnt answer any questions.
  2. :(

    sorry to hear that bro hope things turn out better for you. Im still in the fucking hole as well
  3. sucks for you, but you're an idiot for driving around with all that shit, and rolling a blunt in public.
  4. Yea dude just keep your mouth shut lol or your guys are fucked.

    Sorry to hear and remember shit always gets better.
  5. Agreed. Why the fuck would you roll a blunt in public
  6. I roll blunts in parking lots all the time.

    But good luck man, I hope everything works out for ya.
  7. I roll blunts wherever and wenever
  8. true that
  9. but you pay attention to your surroundings... and keep yo shit on lock.
    "always listen to god,,, dont talk to cops!"- wayne
  10. I do this too, but that doesn't mean I'm oblivious to my surroundings...nor does it mean I'm carrying a fuckton of drugs on me, which this kid obviously was.

    Immaturity at it's finest.
  11. Let me clear up a few things, It was an Undercover Cop car, Black Taurous. 2 guys in bages run out and tap on my window. Rip me out, and took my car, I have (had) a chrystler 300, I hid my stash in my subs, they ripped everything apart. My lawyer obviously is going to use this to say they have no intent, they did cause the smell of bud + the dutch guts outside,but I know all my charges are going to be lowered. Im not sweating the court date as much as I am sweating the future searches cause Im "hot".
  12. why not roll a blunt in public?
    gotta be haters in every damn post

    but that sucks man
    best of luck to you
  13. give the two guys a heads up the got the watch on them
  14. They know already. Trust me.
  15. Just what I though, ACOD, If i can stay 6 months with out getting arrested. My record is sealed. Took me months just to get up to this point.
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    Hate to say this but if they saw you rolling a joint then they had intent to search your car, that is if you were in the car... As everyone has said keep your mouth shut as they will use scare tactics to get you to do whatever they want and that is give up your suppliers and once your name is ruined by the cops then they will dump you to the curb... Im no young pup Ive been around the block for many many years and know many many cops and court officals and know the tricks they use on the general public... They are NOT the saints that alot think they are, if those people only knew the truth...


    PS I see now where you said they did have intent lol... was about to say...

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