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court tommorow...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ajb673, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. about to light whats going to be the last bowls im going to have for a long time, going to court tommorow and theres a chance i could go to jail for a few weeks (not bad by any means) and i know for a fact im going to have drug tests now so this could be the last high i will have for a longgg time.

    well people wish me luck and please light up a bowl for me and all those facing the ass end of the legal system. PEACE :smoke:
  2. Whatd you do?
  3. whoa man that inappropriate.

    yeah so what'd u do man?
  4. cop illegally searched me and cited me for possession of marijuana but the thing is i was on probation for another stupid petty ticket...
  5. Man just keep your head up dude been there in your situation and even tho it seems like it will never end it will get better just do what your probation tells you and dont smoke until your off and it will be over before you know it
  6. i got two words for you:

    fake piss.
  7. In my county they cannot give you a drug test until 30 days after your court pretty sure other places are the same....smoke up my man!:smoke:
  8. Well at the very least, you'll be humbled by all this, and you won't think of your past mistakes as illegal searches or petty tickets.

    Get the best lawyer you can reasonably afford, and you should be able to cut down on, if not completely eliminate your punishment. Try to avoid using a public defender at all costs. It may look like the law is out to get you, but it can also be worked in your favor.

    or, just take what ya got comin. Either way, you'll be able to smoke again, some day.
  9. ya if worst comes to worst just get some faux piss and you should be good

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